Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Determined moms choose Jif!

This photo essay is a run down of determination to have a PB&J sammich for lunch! I call it "Determined, desperate moms choose Jif!"

On my way home from the gym I got a craving for pb&j. I could taste it! I could feel the soft bread in my mouth!
Right before I got home, I remembered we were out of peanut butter. Nooooo.
I had Zumba legs and zero energy to walk very far so stopping at a legit grocery store was a no. So I pulled into Walgreens, praying it carried pb. Well I should have been more specific with my prayer and asked that they carry MY pb (I'm a Peter Pan girl).

I get to the PB aisle and my choices are: Jif, Skippy and generic pb called "Nice."

Umm the name "Nice" immediately turned me off. Nice?! Not yummy, or delicious? Nice, like the out of work weird dude you try to hook your friend up with. Pass.

And Skippy...well I learned a long time ago that the name is telling you exactly what you should do with that pb...skip it. Ewww

So I grabbed the Jif.

I immediately opened it in the car.... I'm classy! And stuck my finger in it ala Puck from the Real World (Pedro is looking down in shame). I didn't want to get my hopes up and get home to be disappointed. So I had to try it. And I'm happy to report it was tasty. Not Peter Pan good, but good enough!

So I got my sammich! I'm a happy girl!