Friday, February 25, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. Today I'm going to take my planning for River's future to the next level and go open him up a saving's account. His PaPa (my daddy) sent him $100 this week! Of course River wanted to spend it on hookers and breastmilk, but i told him he had to put it in the bank. My hope is that he will use this account for an ivy league college, but i'm a realist so I'm aware that it may be used for trade school, to travel some European country and "find himself," to prove he is NOT the father or...hookers and breastmilk. Either way, at least I'm doing something good for him!

  2. I saw an amazing speaker this week, Rick Bender. He has been to groups about spit tobacco. If you know anyone who uses spit tobacco -- or any tobacco for that matter -- i'd highly recommend sending them a link to Rick's site.

  3. I currently have 41 games of Words with Friends open. Yes FORTY ONE. So if you are wondering why i haven't made a move in our game in forever, now you know. (me thinks maybe blasting my screen name on my blog and facebook was maybe not my smartest move! or was it!!!). If i were restaurant, the wait time would be 22 hours!

  4. I finally watched the Bieber episode of Glee and i loved it! I'm not a bandwagon Bilieber like some folks. I know lots of folks are jumping on the wagon AFTER seeing this episode or watching the movie. BUT I've been loving the Biebs since before i even knew he was a boy (yes, i thought he was a girl -- a very talented girl). So Biebs, if you are reading this (and you should be because my blog rocks and all the cool kids read it ), know that i'm one of your ORIGINAL fans!

  5. What is Re jamming this week? It's "Down on Me" by Jeremih ft. 50 Cent. I admit to making a fool out of myself in front of some teens yesterday when i turned this up a little (in my mini-vanish looking car with my 4 month old in the back) and broke it down!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Addiction with Friends

Hi, my name is ReRe and i'm addicted to Words with Friends!

Ok, there, i said it. Yes folks, i'm officially addicted. Thank you to the genius who FINALLY brought this game to Droid users. I've spent way too much time envying my iPhone friends as they sit for hours playing this game with one another. I always found it unfair that me, someone who LOVES words and who can actually spell (nothing more annoying than seeing someone you know can't put two sentences together try to play scrabble) couldn't participate.

But those days are over! Friday i downloaded the game and i've been glued to my phone ever since!

I've learned a lot the last few days:

1) Just because you love grammar, reading and have a bachelor's in journalism does not mean you are going to rock out at this game. You have to put the writer side aside to really excel.

2) Qi is word?!

3) The game won't let you play some words that are actually words :(

4) If you wake up at 3:30 a.m. to feed your 4 month old there is always someone up at the same time who will play Words with Friends with you!

5) James is a sore loser
So if you wanna play me, my name is ReReL
bring it on!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. Apparently Hollywood is tapped out of ideas for movies, because i've seen remakes that honestly, don't need to be done. I knew something was up when i saw the preview for The Roommate. My first reaction was "Ummm, isn't that Single White Female?!" But i gave Hollywood a pass. But i can't give them a pass on the two previews i saw last night: Red Riding Hood and Beastly. Ummm, taking "Little" out of the title is not going to make folks think this is NOT Little Red Riding Hood. And i don't have enough time to explain why i think Beastly is just WRONG. All i will say is the chick from Terminator already did a remake. Once CBS does it, there's no need for more.
  2. I will admit that last night when Justin Beiber was shot and killed i wept a little. What? You didn't hear. Yeah, the Bieb's character on CSI was killed last night. Tear. I love the Biebs. I'm a Belieber!
  3. Is it sad that the other day when River had what i can only describe as something that should be illegal in his diaper, i laid him down on the bathroom floor (yes, it was that messy that he needed to be on tile) and ran for my camera instead of cleaning supplies, so i could send pics to James?! It's like River only does blowouts for me (blow-out: a bowel-filled diaper that has an amount that is higher than that which the diaper can hold, resulting in a mess that often requires clothes, sheets and other items to be washed). Some how James always misses these. So i thought it was only fair that he get some pics!
  4. What's ReRe jamming this week? It's Chris Brown's "Yeah 3x." I can't help but to shake it when i hear this song.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, nasty chalky pink taste, upset stomach....

We can send people to outer space, turn men into women and vice versa, make drunk folks from Jersey famous, but we can't figure out a way to make Pepto Bismol not taste like crap?! How is this possible.

So after eating at Fuzzy's Taco Shop for lunch yesterday (Yes, i realize that i should have expected to get sick after eating a place called Fuzzy's Taco Shop. I won't be making that mistake again.) i spent my early morning hours sleeping with a trashcan by my bedside. NOT FUN. I should have known i wasn't feeling well when i fell asleep at the same time as River last night: 8 p.m.

But seriously, why must Pepto be so dang nasty? Is it that pink dye that makes it taste like chalky poo? Umm, Pepto makers, folks would still buy it even if it wasn't pink. Or maybe the Pepto makers think they have a monopoly on the tummy/booty ache industry and feel no need to change the formula to make Pepto some what bearable.

When i hit the lottery, i'm gonna invest in my own formula for tummy/booty ache medicine. It's gonna come in a variety of flavors. And the best-selling flavor will be called "Not Pepto flavor."

Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Friday night there was no food in the house and no energy to go get food. So James and I decided to share a peanut butter and jelly samich -- we had to share because we only had 3 pieces of bread (this is what happens when you get tons of snow and a sick baby in a short amount of time).

Here is a snippit of our PB& J convo:

ReRe: Peanut butter and jelly is so good!

James: Yes it is!

ReRe: I didn't really like it as a kid.

James: Either did I.

ReRe: Who would have thought that we'd be in our late 20s and early 40s and enjoying a PB&J for dinner?!

James: (shoots me the evil eye -- because he's only 35!)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Great Wall of China (aka getting "fixed) Debate

It's funny how the second you bust out a kid, everyone wants to know one thing: When are you guys having another one?

Well, honestly River is still under warranty so were seeing if he is a keeper or not before we make any decisions. Haha! Just kidding! If I knew for a fact that all babies were as easy as River, i'd have a dozen. But I know this is not the case, so therefore James and i will not be having a dozen mixie babies.

But we will have at least one more. I'm cool with two, but James (who is #9 of 11 kids) would like at least 3. So that brings us to the conversation we had recently:

James: So when we have kid # 3 are you going to get your tubes tied?
ReRe (shocked, because pretty sure we've discussed this before): Ummm, who says were having 3? AND I'm NOT the one getting fixed? It's YOU!
James: Me?
ReRe: Yea, it's your soldiers who are gonna be blocked by the great wall of China. It's an easier process for you. Snippity snip, in and out. Why should i have the kids PLUS have to have another huge process? No thank you! It's all you buddy!
James: But what if my younger second wife wants to have kids?!

I then proceeded to punch him in the jejunum!
For your viewing pleasuring: River! (I call this photo "Half White/Half Black Power")