Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm ReRe, and i'm a junk food addict

A recent study says that junk food is addictive like drugs and the same feelings given off after binging on some goodies is similar to the high folks get when using cocaine and other drugs. Now, i'm no expert, but from my own experience in eating tasty goodness i can say that i agree. There's not much difference between a heroine addict on a trip and ReRe eating a fried snickers at the Medieval Fair. No, i've never committed crimes or harmed my family to get my hands on a juicy fried chicken wing or a double stuffed Oreo, but i have said things like:

"I can stop (eating this bag of chips) anytime."

"Tomorrow I'm quitting (and going on a diet)."

Some folks need the Betty Ford Center, some folks need the Betty Crocker Center.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Med Fair 2010 (it's not what you think)

So when the alarm went off this morning i was tempted to hit snooze and skip the gym, but then i had a flashback of all the delicious things i ate at the Medieval Fair over the weekend. My diet consisted of: a slice of pepperoni pizza, a 1/3 of a funnel cake, two lemonades (one blueberry and one strawberry), chicken on a stick with rice, a corn dog, an ice cream cone, a snow cone, a bite of a fried snickers, a bite of fried egg plant. I'm sure i had some other things over my two-day visit, but i've surpressed the memories. The food was not the only delicious part of the Medieval Fair. Some of my favorite quotes:

"Hey bro, ain't nothing better than a black man in a kilt." -- guy who was trying to get my little brother to buy a kilt.

"If you are Asian, you shouldn't come to the Medieval Fair and eat rice!" --T. Marie, annoyed when she saw an Asian kid eating stir fry.

"So i guess i shouldn't have had the chicken on a stick yesterday?" -- ReRe, responding to T. Marie's Asian comment.

Some of my favorite sites at the fair:

a black guy dressed in Medieval garb. I've been going to Med Fair for over 20 years and have NEVER seen a black person dressed up. I thought we knew better than that, but apparently we don't.

All the raccoon tails hanging out the back of folks' pants. Since when is this Medieval?

The guy dressed as a pirate pushing a set of triplets. I'm sure child welfare should investigate.

All the boobies. Young boobies, old boobies. The Med Fair is a boob man -- and infants -- heaven!

My favorite things to do at Med Fair:
complain about how much i ate
stalk inappropriately dressed people so i can take their picture
make fun of what folks are wearing

(Blogger's Note: Blogger is being cranky this morning and not letting me upload photos...)

My new home

So is no more. Don't even go there -- unless you want to buy crap! In short, i didn't renew my domain in time and Go Daddy bent me over, i mean sold my domain (but not before trying to get me to jump through hoops and sell my first born to them). So I'm starting from scratch. My new home is So please join me here!!! More funny to come.

And spread the word!!!