Friday, March 25, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. It's Teeeee-Shirrrrt Time! I earned my March Madness t-shirt from the YMCA this morning! Every March the Y does March Madness and if you get a punch for every day you work out. If you collect enough punches for the month you get a free t-shirt! This is my third shirt i've earned! Heck yeah! I worked hard for this shirt. I had 5 punches to get this week and i went to the gym every freaking day so i could earn my shirt by the end of the week! I've been sweating it out like Chris Brown in the GMA dressing room!

  2. Does it smell like IHop in here or is it just me? Yeah, it's me. I love my son so much that i'm walking around smelling like maple syrup just so he can get his grub on. Apparently a side effect of fenugreek, an herb that helps increase breastmilk production, is that mamas smell like maple syrup. I've heard this could happen, but underestimated it. BAD IDEA. I literally smell like a grand slam breakfast. It's oozing from my pores! Thank goodness i don't smell like breakfast sausage - considering James is a vegetarian!

  3. James and i recently rented The Other Guys. It was a turd. This is hard for me to say because i love me some Marky Mark. But Mark should stick with drama because comedy (unless he's doing is shirtless a la Date Night) just doesn't work. And well, Will Farrell is, umm..let's just say that Elf was good, but it's not 2003 anymore.

  4. What's ReRe jamming this week? "Coming Home" by P Diddy ft. Skylar Grey (yes, P DIDDY just made my blog! Is that still his name? I used to be a fan (When he was Sean Puffy Combs), and then wasn't, and maybe i am again. who knows. But i loves this song!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Aflac Regulates

Last week two very sad things happened in celeb world.

1. Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the the voice of the Aflac duck after making making insensitive comments on his Twitter page about the Tsunami in Japan. Why is this sad? Umm, because Gilbert Gottfried got fired from a job that most people didn't even know he had! I mean, maybe i've been under a rock, but i had no idea that was Gilbert Gottfried's voice. I also had no idea that Aflac duck said anything other than "AAAFFlac" and i'm pretty sure they could of hired me for cheaper.

The other sad item. And this one truly brought a tear to my eye.

2. Nate Dogg died. If you just asked yourself "Who's Nate Dogg?" please click the red x and exit this blog. We can no longer be friends. BUT before you do that, if "Regulaaatorrrrssss" refreshes your memory, you can continue reading. If not, see step #1. For those of you who don't know who Nate Dogg is and don't follow directions, i'll fill you in -- with one of the best songs EVER. Oh how this takes me back to being 13 and thinking i was so "gangster." Which clearly is not the case since i say "gangstER."

Friday, March 18, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday! It's a gorgeous Friday morning at 5:15 a.m., a perfect time to get ready for a zumba in 30 minutes (if i act positive about it, i will forget the fact that i'm exhausted! i know i will feel good AFTER class. it's good for me, it's good for my booty).

  1. First off i must wish the most beautiful goddaughter in the world a happy 1st birthday! I love you Isabel!

  2. James gets job offers in the mail all the time. That's the blessing about working in the medical field. He recently got one from a company that's been pursuing him pretty hardcore. I don't know much about the owner in this company besides that he clearly pays attention to pop culture. How do i know. Umm, well because the job offer had a picture of Charlie Sheen on it and it said: What do "Company's name" and Charlie Sheen have in common? 1) We are both "WINNING" 2) We both have Tiger's Blood and Adonis DNA! 3) He needs a job, We HAVE a job.
    Yes, seriously, this is what it said! I laughed for a solid 5 minutes, though i don't think #3 is truly a commonality. But you gotta give them an A for effort and hilarity!

  3. I think River's Elmo doll might be a perv. It's one of those dolls that says different things. And i'm disturbed that it's only phrases are: Unzip Elmo's jacket, look in Elmo's pocket for his phone/frog.
    I'm just disturbed that every command is either stick you hands in Elmo's pants or take off an article of clothing. Forget being worried about Katy Perry, Sesame Street needs to keep an eye on that little red dude.

  4. I'm happy to report that my first week of Lent has gone amazingly well. I've been tempted by sweets, but i haven't caved. And i've seen some results -- 2 pounds down as of yesterday! My goal is to have lost 10 pounds by Easter. And my plan is to gain it all back Easter day when i make sweet sweet love to a chocolate sheet cake i plan to make!

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week? Far East Movement's Rocketeer (ft. Ryan Tedder). Me LOVES this song! This group is so freaking talented

Friday, March 11, 2011

Potluck Friday

Hip Hop Hooray! Ho, Hey, Ho! It's Friday (and name that tune!)

  1. Ok, i think it's time to stop making fun of Charlie Sheen. Yes, it's comical and tickles your funny bone in an inappropriate priest-like way, BUT i seriously think the dude has LOST HIS MIND. And if this is the case, that's just sad, not funny. So no more laughing. Ok, wait...Biwinning, Tiger's blood! Ok, i had to get that out! Ok, NOW no more making fun of Charlie Sheen.

  2. Speaking of Charlie, you know who i truly feel sorry for in all of this? No, not James and me because we love Two and a Half Men and have no idea how we'll spend out Monday nights (it's not like we have a baby or anything!). I feel sorry for Jon Cryer. Because Charlie Sheen has lost his mind -- or is in the midst of publicity stunt gone terribly awry -- Cryer is not out of job. Yeah, they could just replace Charlie's character, but come on, that rarely works. Remember when they replaced the dudes on the Dukes of Hazard? (i actually don't remember that, but James tells me it was an epic fail). So poor Jon Cryer. I bet he's ticked, i mean come on, there can't be high demand for Ducky. As my girl Kerra pointed, out "No one's making Pretty in Pink 2."

  3. A few weeks ago i was working at a middle school in Noble and a little cherubic kid had a shirt with a penguin on it that said "Free Weezy." I told him i liked his shirt, and then went into a spill about how i digs Lil Wayne too (though i had no idea what the penguin was about). He listened quietly. Shook his head like he knew what i was talking about and then politely said, "Ma'am, i don't know who LITTLE Wayne is, but this is Toy Story shirt." All i could do was crack up and then say "I'm proud of you!" I mean, really, what 6th grader should really be listening to Lil Wayne in the first place! Rock on with your Toy Story shirt lil dude!

  4. If Ron and Sam don't get the boot Puck-style soon, i'm gonna have to stop watching Jersey Shore.

  5. What's ReRe jamming to this week? "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson. I love this song, and i'm sweeter than a Swisher!

Monday, March 7, 2011

People with 662 area codes are nuts, here is the proof!

I don't even know where to begin!

On our way home from church and errands yesterday, my phone rang. It was an area code and number i didn't recognize. For a split second i thought it was Sallie Mae trying to get sneaky and call from another line -- but that's a whole nother blog. Anywhoo, i answered it. And then this post was born:

ReRe: Hello
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Pam?! Pam, is this you? How you doing girl.
ReRe: This isn't Pam, you have the wrong number.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Do you know Pam?
ReRe: No, i don't.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Well, someone called me from this number. From a 405 number. Do you know anyone with a a 405 number.
ReRe: Yes, i know myself. But i didn't call you. I think you must have misdialed.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Well, look at that. I'm trying to find Pam, but i ended up finding a new friend. Who needs a dating service when you can just dial. So, you wanna be my friend.
ReRe (fining it hard not to laugh. i put him on speaker phone so James can hear the funniness): I already have a friend. I'm married.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Come on. We can be friends. I'm a millionaire.
ReRe: Well, that's nice. But i'm taken.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Do you have a picture phone? Can you get pictures on your phone? I can send you pictures of my house. I'm a millionaire.
ReRe (took me a while to figure out what a picture phone was): Nope, can't get pictures on my phone. So don't send anything. Good luck finding Pam.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: I don't need Pam. I found you.
ReRe: Well, that's too bad. I'm taken.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: Come on. I need a white girl.
(Finally, my way out!) ReRe: Well, i'm a black girl.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: No you're not.
ReRe: I promise you, yes i am.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: But you sound white.
ReRe: It's called proper English. But yes, i'm black.
Charlie Sheen's black twin: ok. bye. (hangs up)

thank god 8 years ago when james prank called me he was looking for a black girl!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Potluck Friday

Yay! Happy Friday!

  1. Who went to bed last night at 7:30? Umm, you can't see me, but i have my hand in the air. You'd think i'd be rested, but i'm still exhausted. River is an easy baby, not fussy, sleeps through the night, etc. But dang, he just makes me tired! between loving on those fat cheeks, doing laundry and trying to maintain looking fabulous for my hubby (well, as fabulous as i can look while still feeling like i look like a melted hershey kiss) i'm tired! So double TGIF!

  2. I don't regularly tune in to Idol, but i saw enough on Tuesday to know that the dude who "sang" the Usher song needed to go, and luckily America agreed with me. I think that was the WORST thing i've ever heard. And i'm glad everyone thinks that Jacob Lusk is the second coming of Luther, but i have two thoughts on that: 1) No he's not and 2) even if he was, who cares because the 12 year-old girls voting have no idea that a house is not a home or who Luther is!

  3. For the first time in 29 years, i'm giving up something for Lent. Sweets. So from Wednesday, March 9 - Saturday, April 23 (my wedding anniversary) I'm going to be a hot freaking mess! So you've been warned. I HAVE to do this. I work out like a mad woman, i've done so for year. I love me some cardio. And i truly believe that if Betty Crocker had never been born, i'd totally be a size 2. But dang that Betty and her delicious recipes for all things that make my butt big(ger). That coupled with having a group of girlfriends that love food do not help the situation. so i'm trying to take out my kryptonite. Wish me luck! (and James luck, and well, anyone who is around me those 40 days).

  4. (TMI Alert) So last night when i woke up from my mid-evening nap, the house smelled warm and good, like something had been cooked. I was starving and was excited at the prospect of something tasty. While i slept, James and River spent time playing and doing dishes. I rolled over and looked at James:
    ReRe: The house smells yummy! Did you cook something.
    James: No, but i farted.

    Thanks honey. Thanks for making my appetite disappear faster than Taylor Hicks on the Top 40 Hits list. Thanks for that!

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week. Some Lil Wayne!!! I love Mr. Carter. and i love this song "6 foot 7 foot." Mr. Carter is a talented dude. And i strongly suggest watching his Behind the Music story -- totally will make you see him in a different light. (wow, i have a crush on him).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It Depends

So i haven't seen it with my own eyes -- and i couldn't even find it on Youtube -- but word on the street is that Whoopi is doing Poise commercials. Well you know what? I applaud my comedic partner. It takes guts to admit to yourself that you tee tee when you giggle, let alone admit it to the entire world!

Heck, when some of my mommy friends (wrongly) freaked me out and told me I'd need to where depends after having River i was embarrassed to just standing on the grown people diaper aisle and trying to quickly see what the options were. I decided that 29 was way to young an age to buy those -- baby or no baby! If Charlie Sheen doesn't need Depends after an all night bender of taking the drug Charlie Sheen, neither do I!