Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is honesty always best?

I know it's not a eureka moment to realize that some songs just have dumb lyrics. Singer rhyme the most ridiculous things, say the dumbest things, etc. But this morning i heard the most ridiculous, dumb, and honestly, kind of offensive thing:

"Girl, i hope you don't take this the wrong way...but you look better with the lights off."

Ummm, OK? What lady wants to heart that...even if it's true. And what dude is dumb enough to think it's ok to say that...let alone SING it to someone?!

But honestly, am i surprised that the New Boyz thought this was a good idea? No. These dudes also think skinny jeans on brothas is a good idea. And they also feature Chris Brown in their song. Don't get me wrong, Chris is very talented -- but he's the last person anyone should call with ideas for a song on how to treat a lady or things to say to a lady.

But what do i know? Maybe the New Boyz are on to something. Maybe Honest Lyrics are the thing and we are going to start seeing all kinds of songs such as:

  • I wanna love you down...for about 5 minutes and then i'm gonna watch Leno.
  • Oh girl, i wanna take you home to my mama, but she still ain't gonna like ya
  • Marry me, so i can get my green card
  • I'm gonna ask you to go home before morning, just givin you a warning

Friday, June 24, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. I'm sorry i've been MIA on Potluck Friday recently. I have no excuses but laziness! Forgive me. Please?!

  2. I want to wish a Happy 20th Birthday to Lil Bro! 20 years ago he came into this world causing ruckus. my mama had two very easy, no drama births prior to Lil Bro -- of course i was a piece of cake delivery because i'm precious and perfect and Middle Bro slid out in the front seat of the joke! But Lil Bro was anything but easy. But he was worth the ruckus...and he still is. I heart you so much Jonathan. Happy Birthday sweet boy.

  3. Is it ghetto-fabulous that River's toy chest includes the following: an empty Coke Zero bottle, and empty Red Diamond Ice Tea jug, and empty wipes container and an empty Enfamil container? Is it even ghettoer (or is more ghetto) that these are his favorite toys?

  4. This is just your warning that I will be MIA for about a week in July. I'm having my good ol gallbladder removed. I heard it's all the rage with postpartum ladies. And a few weeks ago i thought i was about to be on that dumb show "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" when i woke up with pains that took my back to the early morning of October 26, 2010 when i went into labor with River. The only thing different was that i knew i wasn't going to get a cute little baby in 16 hours. After some delicious IV pain meds and an ultra sound, it turns out i have gallstones (which by the way don't mix well with juicy hamburgers...or any tasty food for that matter), so i'm having it removed...and then enjoying a big ol plate of ribs!

  5. Have you ever heard a song that makes you instantly wanna wrap your arms around the one you love and...well, umm, ya know?! Well, the song i'm jamming this week is that kinda song. It's "Motivation" by Kelly Rowland (the only girl Beyonce didn't kick out of Destiny's Child) featuring my boy Lil Wayne. (i love Weezy!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My life on the wild side

So James and I recently got a Sam's membership. I initially thought we'd save tons of money on diapers -- but what i found out is just because it's at Sam's doesn't mean it's cheaper. So we still buy our diapers at Wally Word. But we are loving Sam's if for nothing but the samples! Is it sad that my favorite "date" is walking through Sam's with James. What makes it even better is that James is a vegetarian and a picky eater in general, so he doesn't like 99 percent of i get double!

Let me set the scene:

We stalk the best samples. If the sample lady is not ready (why does it take them so long? just set out the dang rotisserie chicken, it ain't gotta be an art display), we pretend to look at other things beside her. "Ooooh baby! look at these frozen peas!" "oh yeah, those look nice...all 66 pounds of them."

And then when she's ready, we SWOOP in.

ReRe: oooh, chicken! I didn't see these when i walked by earlier. Hey babe, here's some chicken i think you'd like!
James: (in his best meat-eater voice) Yum, that looks good.

We both grab chicken samples. I gobble mine. Once we round the corner and are out of ear shot of the sample lady (because she would even care), James always looks down at his sample and says the same thing: Oh my, i just remembered i don't eat meat. I guess you better eat this.

And i gobble his (well, i share with River)!

Now, you are probably laughing at me that i take my sample sneaking so seriously. Heck, the sample lady could probably care less if took two chicken wings instead of one. But i've lived a relatively low-key, no-trouble life (i live all the gangsta living up to my brothers), so this is my once a week to be a bad mamma jamma -- don't steal my thunder!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Potluck Friday

  1. Do you know what today is? Nope, it’s not just Friday. Nope, it’s not just Potluck Friday. It’s the first day of Summer Fridays!!!! Summer Fridays means that my office closes at 3 p.m. every Friday until Labor Day! Jealous?! You should be! What What! But this also means that I have less time to do what I need to get done, so it will be a busy day…but oh so worth it to get off early!

  2. So I went and saw Bridesmaids this week (if you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I thought it was good--- some other(s) didn’t!). I think my favorite part of the whole movie was the cameo by Wilson Phillips. You can’t tell me that you don’t automatically sing aloud when you hear “Hold On”! And if you don’t sing out lout you are 1) lying or 2) not human. I think Wilson Phillips should be required to do a cameo in every movie!

  3. Mornings out casa de ReRe-Ramblings are busy, but fun these days with Mr. Rivvy Riv in the house. They are so fun that James never wants them to change. I over heard him telling River this yesterday morning: River, when you’re 15, I still want you to come in our room in the mornings, lay across the bed while having your bottle and watch us get dress. Ummm, NOT gonna happen! (unless we move to Arkansas).

  4. I just want to share that as i write this, i'm jamming to Hold On!!! I just couldn't help it! here it comes..wait for it it....Some day somebody's gonna make you wanna turn around and say goodbye....
    That is the JAM! but as i listen to the words, i've realized that it's a really "suck it up and stop being sad you big baby" message. Frasier Crane would not approve!

  5. Other that Wilson Phillips, you know what else i'm jamming this week? A song with some of my favorite folks: "Give Me Everything" by Pitbull ft. Neyo (yeah!), Afrojack and Nayer. I actually shuck my booty to this song this morning in Zumba. Love it!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just give me a dang drank!

You know what i CAN'T stand at a restaurant or food joint?
When they don't have the drink options clearly listed somewhere and so you ask "What do you have to drink." And the waiter/waitress replies "We have Coke products."

Ummm, that's means NOTHING to me! I haven't worked in fast food in 13 years, and even then i couldn't have named any other Coke product other than COKE. The only thing i know about "Coke Products" is that Dr. Pepper is not a Coke Product. And the only reason i know this because OU only had Mr. Pibb -- the poor man's Dr. Pepper. (RC is the poor man's Coke -- i, like most black folks, prefer RC Cola!).


Maybe i'm just ignorant and the only person in the world who doesn't have all the Coke products memorized. But is it seriously too hard to just freaking list the drink options.

Yesterday i had a stare down with the lady in the Subway Drive Thru. All of the drive thru window they have listed what my chip options are, my dressing options, cheese, dressings, veggies, etc. But no where did they have listed the drink options.

Samich Chick: What do you want to drink?
ReRe: What do you have?
Samich Chick: We have Coke products.
ReRe: Ok. What are they.

She then goes over to the drink spout -- cus SHE doesn't even have them memorized -- and reads them off to me.

ReRe: I'll take a Fruit Punch.
Samich Chick: We are out of that.

Diggity Dang!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another adventure in parenting

Yesterday i spread a blanket on the floor for Riv so we could have some fun with blocks. He chewed on the blocks and threw them at the dogs while i tried to turn our play time into some learning time.
I'd hold up a letter block and tell him what the letter was and a word that started with that letter.

"B is for Baby!"

"E is for Egg!"

Then i got to N and for some reason the first word that popped in my head was Negro.

So there i sat, holding up a wood block with a green N and said "N is for Negro."

River cracked up!

A couple of hours later i noticed James was playing the same game.

He held up a block with an F on it, paused, and said "F is for Funky Fresh."

So just our luck someone is gonna ask Riv his name and he's going to say "Funky Fresh Negro."

There is a reason why James and I have never been invited as guest stars on Sesame Street!