Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homeland...where the crazies are

I've recently (re)discovered Homeland. The prices aren't the best, but i like to pop in every once in awhile because it doesn't have the chaos and layer of wally that Walmart has. But even though Homeland may present itself as a more "upper-crust" grocery option, its cashiers are hot mess! a few weeks ago a teen cashier could barely contain himself when he told me my total was $4.20 (420, bwahahaha?!).

But my encounter yesterday was even stranger.

Me: How are you today?
Cashier lady: I'm treated the way i should be. Not given the respect i deserve. But i haven't been arrested!
Me: That's sad...and good. Is this the time where i give you my discount card to swipe?
Cashier (a little too excited): Let's do it! you're here, i'm here! Let's do this while we are both here!
Me: Ok...
Cashier (over the top excited): look! you save 20 cents, girl! you are raking it in hand over foot!
Me: Ok.

I took my overprices salmon and baked Cheetos and ran to my car as fast as i could. at least in wally world i expect the crazy!

But i am glad that Homeland employs folks on work release!