Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's ReRe?

So if you've been logging on for the last week you have noticed that i've been MIA.
Well, at midnight Tuesday, October 26, 2010 i officially went into labor. (honestly i had been in labor for days, if not weeks, but that's when i looked at James and said "let's go to the hospital.")
I was 3 days past my due date and ready. And a few hours before i watched the turd called "MacGruber" and i think it was so bad that River was trying to break loose!

After 16 hours of labor, James and I welcomed our son River James into the world at 3:58 p.m. 7lbs 1oz and 21 inches long!

He is gorgeous. A head full of hair (i guess that heartburn myth was not a myth!). Eyes that look into your soul. I could go on. He's dang cute. And he looks just like my mama, which makes my heart melt. She would be so proud. No, she IS so proud.

A lot of folks have asked me if i will still keep blogging. Umm, yeah! I love blogging! But i am taking a little break while i'm on maternity leave so i can spend time with my boy and figure this whole motherhood thing out. I may pop in every once in a while to post something i just couldn't hold in, but i won't officially be back in full swing until Christmas. So don't forget about me! I'll be back!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Potluck Friday

It's probably the best Friday ever!!!
  1. Why? Because it's my last day of work before maternity leave AND my last Friday without my kiddo! Tomorrow is officially my due date -- 40 weeks of preggoness here I come. And tomorrow begins the countdown for River to make his debut. He's got until Thursday and then he'll officially get the boot. My gut -- and my SIL (who correctly predicted 14 years ago that our nephew would be born on leap year) -- tells me that my boy is planning to make an entrance on Monday. So we'll see! I'd love for that to be the case, because on Oct. 25, 2003, River's daddy asked me on a date. So it only makes sense for River to pop in on October 25th! Fingers crossed.

  2. There's been A LOT of nesting going on in la casa de ramblings. I even somehow convinced my hubby that River needed a screen door on the front of the house?!!! So No. 1 dad will be installing that in the next 24-28 hours. I still don't know how i won that argument -- probably had something to do with the fact that i actually wasn't screaming, complaining or crying and James just said "Yes, sure, you're right" to keep the peace! (i'm gonna miss getting my way just cus i'm with child). I gave the house a good dusting last week, and this weekend i/we plan to do a good vacuuming and mopping. Why? you ask. Because i don't want my kid to think God jipped him and gave him to the nasty people. I want the house to be shiny. And we all know that some kids DO get jipped and get stuck with the nasty parents (dirty laundry and dog hair all over, bugs, smell of cat pee). That ain't us! And it never will be! (cus i hate cats!)

  3. Last night was a sad night. It was the season finale of Jersey Shore. Tear. All i have to say is this: I can't stand Sammi, (why you so cranky? and you seriously need a cough drop cus that voice is NOT cute. You sound like Phoebe when she got sick and did the sexy version of "Smelly Cat"), i heart Pauly D, and Snooki, you DID tell JWow that Pauly was talking smack, and you LIED! But i still love you, even if you are darker than me.

  4. It's time for some more Facebook rants. We all know how much i can't stand things like: updates that tell all your ghetto bizness, Bible verses (I love God, but i also know he does not have a Facebook and that verse ain't getting you into heaven. 1 is fine, but daily is too much), or updates that are about nothing other than how much you love your kid or spouse. again. sweet. but tell THEM that, not US! But now i have another pet peeve. It's not new, but i've just been noticing it more and more: Folks answering questions about me. What's this about? Every so often i will get a post on my wall telling me that some random person answered questions about "ReRe" and i have answers to unlock. What the heck? And why is the person answering the questions about me always that random friend who i probably shouldn't be friends with in the first place because 1) i really don't know who they are, but felt too guilty to decline the request 2) i really don't like them, but felt too guilty to decline the request and have been too lazy to delete them or 3) they don't know me well enough to answer 1 question about me, let alone enough to warrant a wall post!
    But Facebook has been very entertaining this week because Crazy Cousin Keisha now has a Facebook. and even though she does all the things that drive me nuts with the updates, i can't get enough! Some update highlights from my craziest family member( copy and pasted directly. no lie!):

    i had a scrub named PATRICK YOUNGBLOOD.Sorry 2 put u on blast but the ni@ga was water Anybody else out there allergic 2 soap and water? Lol. Im over it(him)now.just he HAD sum cool while I was hormonal 4 9 months.but now im singing the Chrisette Michelle cut"EPIPHANY" ya know?!

    does anybody else besides me love grocry shoppin the day after the 1st? After the traffic has somewhat died?

    why do guys think its ok 2 fart OUT LOUD abruptly and then proceed 2 carry out the conversation like nothin happenened while lookin u n the eye? FREAKN GROSS! Unproper 4real

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week? It's not new, but i just love this song. It's "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. It was part of our sermon last week at church (reading the story behind the song makes me love it so much more):

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Youth today

So last week while presenting to some 3rd graders about not using tobacco products, i learned some interesting things such as: i'm glad i'm not a 3rd grade teacher (i give it up to you teachers, i don't have that kind of patience), i have the same taste in music and boys as 3rd graders (they love the Bieber too), and -- and this is the most important one -- "YOU GET A CELL PHONE BY 3RD GRADE."

Yes, that's an actual quote from one of the kiddos, and all her classmates agreed.
Say What???!!! So in 9 years River gets his own cell phone plan?

this little tidbit of info was shocking to me, especially considering that I didn't get a cell phone until i was a junior or senior in high school, and when i was in 3rd grade, the only folks i knew with cell phones were Zac Morris and a family friend named Ricky (who i'm pretty sure had shady business going on).

Part of me can see wanting your kiddo to have a cell phone so they can check in with you etc. But another part of me wonders who the heck are 3rd graders talking to enough to warrant a $40+ a month phone bill. AND what could they possibly be talking about?!

I don't know why i should be surprised though. I know 3 year-olds with iPods ( i don't even have an iPod. and i still use a VCR).

I guess the lesson i learned is that i'm way behind the times and i need to get cooler pretty soon so i don't become one of "those" embarrassing moms!

Monday, October 18, 2010

He said WHAT?!

Blog James and real-life James seem like two different people to some folks. When folks first meet my hubby they automatically thinks he's going to start busting jokes and telling the silly stories that i post, but in reality James is a pretty quiet guy. He's got to really know someone before his blog-worthy side comes out. But when it does come out, watch out!
Those of you who have seen or heard him in action know what i mean. But for those of you who have never witnessed it first-hand, i leave you with this little taste:

James: (making a weird clicking noise) click, clickity clock, click click
ReRe: What are you doing that for?
James: Did i just call you something bad in your native tongue?!


One of my stand-up jokes that i opened with was about how my first and middle names are, well, um, unusual (even more unusual that ReRe), but my maiden name is Smith. So i always joked that given my first name, you'd expect my maiden name to be something like Clickity, Click, Ooh, Ooh! It always got a laugh.

Guess this time the laughs on me!

River Monster Count Down: due in 5 days

Friday, October 15, 2010

Potluck Friday

  1. Now, i don't want to be one of those crazy people who is blaming the flu shot for making me sick (i've read up on it, i know it's a dead virus, yada yada, i even have watched the vaccine be made and learned about all that crap), BUT, THE FLU SHOT MADE ME SICK! I got the sucker on Tuesday -- i typically don't get it. The last time i got it 5 years ago I got really really sick and passed it to James. We spent Thanksgiving 2005 on the couch drinking thera flu and watching Jurassic Park for a week. No fun. But i decided to get it this year so i could pass all the antibodies to River. WRONG CHOICE. I love this kid, but mommy feels like crap and really wishes she would have took daddy's advice and just bumped up my vitamin D intake instead. But it's too late. I have a sore arm, with a lump as big as J. Lo's rump on it, tingly throat and runny nose. Maybe it's not the flu shot, i could blame it on the "dedicated" folks who refuse to take a sick work day (and i blame half of it on them), but i can't deny that little shot some how jacked me up. So 2010 will be the last year ReRe EVER gets a flu shot. EVER.
  2. So i may have been wrong about something for the last 29 years: i may NOT have child-bearing hips. they might just be wide. Monday my doc informed me that she was a little concerned/surprised that my boy hadn't started moving into position. Yes, he's head down, but he's not moving down -- if you know what i mean. She said she's not in worry mode quite yet and over the next two weeks he could still move his way down, BUT she did say that it was possible he was on the big side (i don't know where he could have got that) and was maybe having a hard time. My kid is part of the GBC -- the ghetto booty crew. I hope he's just being lazy and will start to pack his things over the next week and be ready to roll soon. We shall see.
  3. So The Situation got the boot off of Dancing with the Stars. I'll admit, i was kind of bummed b/c not only am i a fan of Jersey Shore, i'm a fan of watching rythmless people dance! And it doesn't come more rythmless than Mike The Situation! He really took getting the boot to heart. Apparently he's never watched the show and didn't realize that you don't get votes for trying hard. You get votes for dancing well! What i don't understand is how someone who spends so much time in the club can be so bad at dancing?!
  4. What song am i jamming this week? "Check it Out" by Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj. Ms. Minaj is really becoming one of my favorite folks these days. She's like the black Lady GaGa!

Monday, October 11, 2010

This PSA is brought to you by the letters F-L and U

As flu season is upon us, the folks at ReRe-Ramblings would like to do a PSA for the season. No, i'm not going to tell everyone to get a flu shot or tell everyone why they should or shouldn't get one. My message is simple: IF YOU ARE SICK, KEEP YOUR SICK BUTT AT HOME. AIN'T NOBODY GIVING OUT AWARDS TO "DEDICATED" EMPLOYEES WHO BRING THEIR COOTIES TO THE OFFICE.

Nothing worse than someone hacking up a lung, looking like death warmed over, but saying things like "no, no i'm not sick." and then they continue to blow their rudolph nose. NASTY. RUDE.

We've all worked with that person who comes in sicker than a dog and acts like they are doing the company some big favor by bringing in their diseases. They say things like "I'm soooooooo sick, but I just have so much to do." or "I don't feel good, but i didn't want you to get stuck with my work." Ummm, i'd rather be stuck with your work than whatever you got going on in your chest.

If I was the boss, i'd be sending sick folks home. Better yet, sick folks would get penalized for even coming to work with drippy nose in the first place.

So i'll say it again people, leave your sick butts at home -- you gets no pats on the back from me!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm NOT old!

I love when our men can make us feel young and good -- but those don't make funny posts.

But these conversations do:

ReRe: You know what is depressing?
James: What?
ReRe: When you are watching a reality show and the name and age of the person pops up and you realize you are older than most of the contestants.
James: Well, sweetie, you are getting to the age where you are going to be older than most reality show people. You can be on a reality show at like 18, 21, these days. You are probably older than all the people on America's Next Top Model.
ReRe: Ok? Thanks? You really know how to make me feel good!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Count Down to the end of my life....

Some pregnant ladies get annoyed when folks want to rub their bellies -- i don't mind (as long as you aren't some weirdo and you have all your teeth or at least a good set of dentures)

Some pregnant ladies get annoyed at comments like "are you carrying twins?" "man, you look like you were due yesterday" or the plain and simple "you are huge." -- amazingly i don't mind these either. As long as their is a kiddo in me, you can comment on my roundness all you want. BUT in 3-4 weeks you better shut your face.

But what i CAN'T stand are the constant comments about how "your life is going to be OVER. so enjoy this time while you can."

Don't get me wrong, i know that life is going to be very different. I won't be able to decide that I need to go to Opies in an hour. I may not be rushing out to see a 2 hour new release in the near-near future, and my nights of 9 hours of sleep are going to dwindle (though if you are on Facebook at 3 a.m. you would know that i haven't slept through the night in at least two months).

Yes, i know all of these things and more. But there's nothing worse than telling two people who are about to start such an exciting journey that life is really about to SUCK. I have some mommy friends who tell me all the ugly sides of pregnancy and the after, i love and need that, it's real. But what i don't love or need is weird laughing church lady who told me Sunday: "Man, you won't be going out alone for a long, long time. Kiss those movies and dates goodbye once this baby comes."

(James said i should have told her: well, my hubby is not ashamed of me, so he will still take me out.)

Other annoying your-life-is-gonna-suck-soon comments i hate are:

  • You and James are never going to have "alone" time again. -- umm, that's right. because people NEVER have "alone" time after they have a kid. that's why every couple has just one kid (ignore the fact that James is #9 of ELEVEN kids) . Ok???

  • No more date nights. -- to the folks that have not been on a date since their kid was born 10 years ago, shame on you! don't blame that on your kid! just admit that you just don't really like your old lady/old man anymore! Trust me, this mama will have her some date nights. happy mama = happy house!

  • When someone's kid is acting a fool, throwing a crazy tantrum, the parents look at you and say: "I hope you are ready for this." -- No, i'm not ready for that, and i don't need to be because i'm not gonna have a BeBe kid. Notice that it's always the person with the baddest kid who wants to prepare you for incidents like your kid slapping you in Wal-Mart or your teen calling you a "B." Now, i'm not saying my boy is going to be perfect, but I know how my mama raised me and trust me, we knew better to act a fool in private, let alone in public!

My question is this: if kids are sooooooooo terrible, than why do folks keep busting them out!

Ok, off my soapbox!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Potluck Friday!

  1. I think it was 3:14 a.m. when James rolled over and said: "hey guess what? River is going to be here in 3 weeks -- that's CRAZY!" and then he turned over and went back to sleep. It is crazy. Today is October 1st, the last first day of the month that James and i will wake up without a child in the house. WEIRD. Today is also hair day -- woot woot. I refuse to bring a child into this world with my hair looking a hot mess, so i'm going to see Ms. CoCo later today so she can get me labor ready.

  2. James' favorite commercials are the Restasis ads. He gets a kick out of the patient saying "Doctor, my eyes have been so dry, what's wrong?" and the doc saying "You have dry eye." Every time he sees it he cracks up.Clearly we've both gone into the wrong profession. I didn't know being a doctor was so easy. I could have told the dry eye lady she had freaking dry eye! What's next, going to the doc and saying that your hair has been thinning and the doc saying "you are experiencing thinning hair. " or saying you have been coughing and blowing your nose and the doc saying "you have a case of coughs and stuffy/runny nose." Medical field here i come.

  3. I saw on the news that a new planet was found. Ummm, if i was Pluto i'd be ticked! And i love how scientists always say "new" when they find something. Ummm, new means new, not it took us x amount of years to find this!

  4. All i have to say is Praise Jesus -- Angelina FINALLY left Jersey Shore last night! And i BETTER NOT see that girl on the 3rd season (yes, there will be a third, and yes, i will be watching it. Don't judge!) Now if only that Amber chick from Teen Mom would leave the show all would be right in the world (oh, except for the poverty, war, hate, politicians, etc. but those are not as entertaining at MTV shows).

  5. What am i jamming this week? I'm embarrassed to admit it, but the song is called "Toot it and Boot" it by YG. I had to ask my brothers what it exactly meant. Of course i was appalled and disgusted (and still not clear what it means), but i can't help but to sing along and bob my head when it comes on. I secretly wanna scream "That's my jam" when i hear it, but i'm 29 and too old to admit that publicly.