Monday, January 31, 2011

What makes a Big League City?

You know what makes a city a Big League City? No, it's not an NBA team, it's not a river renamed after your state, it's not even tons of international travel.

It's a Grandy's. And you know whose a Big League City? Bethany, Oklahoma. I recently took a trip to Bethany and delighted myself in some Grandy's for lunch. Nothing better than greasy fried chicken, okra, mashed potatoes and a soft roll with butter and honey. Oh wait, i know what's better than that...a sweet little lady bringing me more rolls! And that's just what i got!

Oh how i miss Grandy's. Norman USED to have one, right next to Norman High School. I ate there almost Children's chicken nugget place with fries for $2.99 baby! Sadly it closed, i blame it on two things 1) Hard to make money when you are swarmed at lunch time with teens who either only order the $2.99 kids plate or nothing at all and 2) Hard to make money when that swarm of teens scares away your target audience: 90 year-olds.

What is it with Grandy's and old folks?! Every car in the Grandy's parking lot the other day was a Cadillac -- except mine of course. And i was the youngest by at least 50 years! (i almost got run over in the parking lot by a lady wearing cataract shades!)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Potluck Friday

It's been one heck of a week and i'm soooooooo glad it's Friday!!!

  1. I'm so spoiled my modern day technology and conveniences that this morning i through a fit when my spin brush had no batteries. And then i magically realized that i could still brush my teeth -- i'd just have to move my arm back and forth! So sad that i'm too lazy to brush my own dang teeth!
  2. I finally tuned in to some American Idol last night. I think the show jumped the shark a few seasons ago, but not much was on. All i have to say is this: Steven Tyler's face is like a sexy train wreck. It's ugly, but i can't stop starring at it and i wouldn't mind kissing it (if i wasn't kissing James of course!). It's weird. I don't think Steven Tyler is a hot at all ...but i kinda do? He goes into my nasty/dirty bad boy file with Kidd Rock (don't judge me)!
  3. There is apparently some lawsuit against Taco Bell because the meat is only 33% ground beef. You know what my response to this lawsuit is? DUH! Umm, if you thought for a second that Taco Bell was putting meat in that chalupa then you are a FOOL! Folks don't got to Taco Bell for ground beef. They go to Taco Bell because it's the only place open at 3 a.m. after a rough night at Opie's.
  4. I never thought i was a Rihanna fan, but apparently i must be because i've been loving her stuff lately. So, what's ReRe jamming this week? "Who's that Chick" by RiRi ft. David Guetta

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Remote Control

I come home from the gym yesterday morning to find River sitting in his vibrating seat in the living room -- right in front of the TV. He was watching some reality show on MTV (it wasn't Skins thank God).

ReRe: Daddy! Did you prob River in front of the TV?!
James: I was getting dressed.
ReRe: He was watching some trashy reality show on MTV!!
James: I guess i should have checked to see what he had it was on.

Apparently RIVER picks his own shows!

It's only been 13 weeks and we are already doing all the DON'TS of parenting! oh well, my kid is cute, happy and loved -- if watching Jersey Shore gets those results all i have to say is "pumpin yo fist in da air!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What would you do?

I admit that i often watch that show "What Would You Do?" on ABC. James can't stand the show, yet somehow every Friday night we find ourselves watching it and laughing at it's absurdity.

If you've never seen it, the premise is simple to explain: They put hidden cameras in a place and set up situations to see how every day joes and janes react. Some situations are awkward, like a stranger asking a person walking by to hold their dog while they run into a store, and some of the situations are dangerous/uncomfortable like two actors will act like a domestic violence couple and see if any one intervenes.

And then some of the situations are just right down ridiculous and would probably never happen, yet John Quinones is obsessed with trying to convince us that they will happen. One of my favorite crazy situations was: a woman getting wasted in a bar, while she breastfeeds her baby.
Seriously?! This is very unlikely to happen. No, i'm not saying it will NEVER happen, but it's just really unlikely. Heck, most breastfeeding ladies have a hard enough time working up the courage to breastfeed in a corner in at the Starbucks inside their local Target (i would know!), let alone whipping it out at a bar WHILE they throw back some Jack and Coke. And honestly, most folks who breastfeed follow the Breast is Best philosophy, not the Brest and Rum and Coke is Best.
Seriously ABC!

I also enjoyed the scenario where two pre-teen girls were picking on an elderly man on the sidewalk. They snatched off his hat and made fun of him for using a cane and walking slow. Once again, not saying that this would never happen, and sadly there are sickos that pick on the elderly. But i highly doubt that Abigail Breslin and Willow Smith are spending their time making fun of Betty White.

Another fail John Quinones. Another Fail.

Since "What Would You Do?" seems to be on such a "roll," i'm thinking about sending in some ideas for the show:

  • An interracial couple goes to a Klan meeting at in the Tennessee boondocks and starts making out during the head dragon's speech. The other Klan members start spewing racial slurs at the couple? What Would You Do? Would you intervene? Or continue listening to the speech?
  • You see a surgeon put a bologna samich into a patient instead of an artificial heart.
  • Your IHOP waitress pours syrup over the heads of the patrons at the next table.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. So this morning on the news i heard that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords will be heading to a Texas rehab center soon. This is AMAZING! I continue to pray for her and her family. But what struck me odd about the news story is why on earth would they not only report exactly what rehab center she's being transferred to, but also the time? Ummm, maybe i'm just paranoid, but if some crazed dude guns me down in a grocery store parking lot, i'd kinda like for folks not to blast my whereabouts -- and exactly when i'll be heading there -- to the nation. I don't know, maybe the Today Show thinks the Arizona gun dude is the only crazy person out there. Maybe they also think Snooki is naturally that color.
  2. Speaking of Snooki and my obsession that is the Jersey Shore, i can't say enough how happy i am that it's back on! Every once in a while i make River do a fist pump -- he cracks up. I will say this though, last night i was disappointed in my girl JWoww, who i usually love. Maybe her boy Tom is no good, BUT how can she be mad at him for being less than fond that she's going on dates while at the Shore?! It makes her look silly for getting mad that Ronnie -- who was single at the time -- was hanging with other girls. Ok, getting off my reality-tv-ghetto-fab soap box now.
  3. While watching CSI last night (gosh i'm addicted to TV) i saw the craziest CBS commercial. And sadly it was not a joke!

    Seriously?! Don't get me wrong, i don't think cancer is a joke, but really, i don't know one woman out there that's thinking "hey baby, forget about the steak dinner, diamond bracelet and flowers this year. Go get check out your boys instead." I'm sorry, but if James got me this "gift" i think we might have to box!
  4. What song am i jamming this week? Bruno Mars' "Grenade." I LOVE me some Bruno. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Breakin' ain't easy

The other day i heard the most shocking thing while i was listening to conservative radio (yes, i tune in to conservative radio quite often. as an independent i find it important to hear both sides -- and as a human being i find it important to get a giggle every once in a while and both parties do a good job doing that, but i digress).
I heard one of the callers make a reference to one of my favorite movies: Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo. This 1984 classic never gets old. And lately I've heard a lot of references to it. The most recent was this morning in a song by Taio Cruz.

This goes to show that no matter your age, political affiliation, musical tastes, we all have one thing in common: We know good cinema when we see it.

And there's no better way to start your Monday than watching the best dance/movie scene EVER!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. Ok, this might sound silly for me to be so worked up over this, but I am. I'm ticked that supposedly i'm no longer a Virgo. I take being a Virgo very seriously. in my house i even have a Virgo plaque haning up that says: Your neat as pin, honrable and's amazing how you get through each day. This is me to the bone!!! It was my mama too (we shared the same birthday). So it ticks me off that i've not only lost Pluto as a planet, but now i'm not a Virgo anymore (but apparently River is now???). That's redonkulous. I don't care what anyone says, i'm a Virgo. I'm no Leo.

  2. So James thought he'd lost River last night. After taking two bendadryl, James came running from the kitchen into the living room, frantic because he couldn't find River. He checked the nursery and our bedroom. He had panick in his eyes and felt my heart drop. Had he taken River outside when he took out the trash? Was my kid sitting on the corner and a bag of funky trash in his room? And then i remembered where i last saw River: in the kitchen WITH his daddy! So James dashed back into the kitchen -- where he'd been doing the dishes -- and there was River, sitting quietly in his vibrating chair next to the dishwasher! Note to self: don't let daddy care for baby when daddy is on 2 benadryls.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What if...

What if the media just ignored the jerks at Westboro Church? What if the media stopped covering all the funeral protests they did? The Westboro folks remind me of a 3 year-old having a tantrum in the corner. They are acting like fools hoping to get attention, and of course when you feed in to their tantrum, they just continue to act like a hot mess. The media should follow some Super Nanny advice and put Westboro in timeout and go on with its business. Westboro will gest sick of screaming in the corner and being ignored and will eventually be quiet, apologize and go on with their day.

But this will never happen as long as we keep plastering their protests all over the news.

From one journalist to another, PLEASE stop giving these jerk wads attention (this is the first, and final time i will give them any).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Who's your baby daddy/mama?

James is a very proud daddy and loves showing his co-workers and patients pictures of his baby boy. Of course with James' blue eyes, sandy hair and Snow White skin tone, he always gets asked -- in a polite way -- what River has in him. Folks guess Indian a lot.

The funniest exchange happened Friday when James showed a picture of River to one of his co-workers who is a black lady.

Co-Worker:(leaning in close) Let me ask you something.

James: Ok.

Co-Worker: Is your wife black?

James: Yes.

Co-Worker: Good, because i can tell when a baby is black and that baby is black. I was gonna tell you that if your wife isn't black, that baby's daddy is!

James has decided that if he is asked that question again he's going to say that his wife is a pale, redheaded lady. I told him to throw in that her best friend since childhood is a big black dude that hangs around all the time!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. Man, it's been a while since i've done a Potluck Friday (as some of you have so lovingly reminded me via email, facebook, text and over dinner -- James!). In my defense, the last couple of Fridays have been holidays -- Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. But excuses are like crazy family members, everyone has a couple and no one wants to talk about them (well, that's a lie b/c i talk about Crazy Cousin Keisha all the time, so much so that she has been calling to tell me crazy stories and then says "you gonna blog that girl?!") Anywhoo, i'm back on Fridays!
  2. Today is someone's last day to be 34 -- if you say me i will KILL you. I have 4 more years until that statement is true about me. Tomorrow is James' 35th birthday! Yes, he is a cradle robber. River is going to stay with Auntie Cris so i can take my big boy out on a date. Or heck, we may stay home and eat hot meal with both hands -- the things you cherish after kiddos. Whatever we do, it will be nice. It's been almost 11 weeks since we've been alone just the two of us.
  3. I know it seems like i always rant about Facebook, but it's just because i love it so and hate to see it change. The latest thing that's bugging me is the new profile. I like it alright, but i haven't been able to figure out how to tell if i have friends in common with someone (if you know how, please educate me). Back in the old Facebook days -- 2 months ago -- when someone friend requested you, you could see what friends you had in common. This is how i decided if i wanted to accept of ignore. For example, if i see we have 14 friends in common, and then i click to see that those 14 friends are the 14 ghettoest friends on my friend list, i might have to ignore (I have a ghetto friends quota so i'm picky about what ghetto fab friends i accept). I try not to accept too many friends who are gonna blow up my news feed with baby daddy drama updates and ghetto type where they replace all the S's with $. (don't act like this doesn't bug you too!)
  4. I'm happy to report that i returned to the gym on Dec. 20th and i've made it 3-4 days every week. I feel good, i've dropped the 22 pounds i gained with River and i'm looking to get into the best freaking shape of my life. No, that's not a size 2 -- my head is wayyyy too big to support that, besides all the "skinny" girls in my family are size 12! I just want to get toned up and be ready in 2 years to chase River around the house!
  5. What's ReRe jamming this week? It's Rihanna's "What's My Name" featuring Drake. I love this song. it seems to be on the radio every morning at 7:40 so i sing it to River on the way to school :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

False Advertising

I know you can't believe everything you see on TV and commercials are not real, but come on, advertisers could at least TRY to be realistic.
I saw a Tidy Cats commercial with a black guy snuggling his cat. What's wrong with this you ask? Ummm, when's the last time you ever saw a black family with a pet cat?! (now, i'm sure there are some out there, just like there are some black republicans, but they are a rarity -- a weird rarity!)
I've known a lot of black folks in my life, heck, almost everyone in my family is black -- my baby's half black -- so i'm know a thing or two about black folks and i know that we don't (usually) do cats. And big black bald men especially don't do cats! Come on Tidy Cats, get with the program!

Blogger's Note: i even googled "black people with cats" to find a photo for this thread and all i got were pics of black cats. Even Google knows black folks don't have cats as pets.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Crack (Cream) is Whack

I don't know what all goes into starting a business or selling a product, but i'm willing to bet that before you put your product on the market you probably meet with a host of knowledgeable folks to make sure everything is in order. I'm also willing to bet that among that host of folks is probably someone whose sole purpose is to approve the product name. You know, make sure it's not taken...or make sure it's not DUMB. (heck, this person could be your mama, the mailman anyone).

But apparently this dude decided to skip that person:

Yes, this dude named his product CRACK CREAM!!!

Seriously? Seriously? He couldn't think of anything better than Crack Cream. I'm so entertained/appalled by the name that i can't even listen to the commercial so i don't even know what the purpose of Crack Cream is (but i have some ideas!)