Monday, March 11, 2013

Mic this thing on?! I'm "back"

looks like my last post was in June. JUNE! well, in my defense it was around the time i found out I was going to be a teen mom. ok, no really. but i did find out i was expecting again. so i blame a little mocha boy named Aaron Brooks for my absence. in June he made his presence known by striking me with the pukes, acid reflux and moodiness. and Ain't Nobody Got Time for Dat!

but i'm back and taking this blogging thing day by day.

here's a recap of this morning's convos with my dear hubby:

ReRe: Hey, you wanna get the banana peel and dirty dishes out of the bathroom
James: oh yeah! These were supposed to be following me to the kitchen.


ReRe: I didn't sleep well last night. Between Aaron's grunting, River's snoring and your farting, it's just really hard. Y'all are really loud sleepers.
James: i bet our sounds are funny!
ReRe: unless you are sleep deprived...then they just tick you off.
James: I never hear any of you farting in your sleep.
ReRe: Because you can't hear over your own dang farts.

This morning is already off to a roll!

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wdstkbee said...

I missed you! Congratulations on the new baby.