Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bring it on down to Pottyville!

It's been a crazy 3 days in the Ramblings house thanks to something called potty training. I have no words to describe the process of potty training my kid. all i have to say is that all the attitude, sass and humor that he got from his mama definitely comes out when he replies to the question: do you have to go potty?

i've been reading up on potty training for 100 years to prepare for this journey. ok, not really 100 years -- but i'd suggest folks do that! i've found great tips online and from friends. some worked for us and some didn't. i've had to tweak and find our groove.

And part of that GROOVE has been throwing out the silly potty songs some parents like to sing, and make up our own! I admit that River is not quite a fan of our homemade songs, but he'll have to deal because they are too good.

Especially our favorite, which James wrote this morning when he was channeling his inner Justin Timberlake.
it goes a bit like this: As long as I got my potty seat, i can sit down all night and pee -- let me show you a poop thing, let me show you a poop thing!

I thought it was catchy. River told us "stop singing. mama sing too much."

I told him he can have an opinion on my signing when he no longer uses diapers!

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