Monday, February 24, 2014

What did you just call me?!

Working in a nursing home means the hubs comes home with some interesting tales of what patients have said to him that day. His stories are often colorful when said patients don't realize he's married to a black lady. No peeps, those pics of brown kids on his desk aren't half Indian!

So the other day I teased hubs a bit when he used his aging patients as an excuse...

James: I think working with elderly folks has made my grammar worse?
ReRe: huh?
James: yeah, they always say words that aren't words any more or that aren't correct.
ReRe: umm, no. you've always had terrible grammar!
James: what?! what do I say wrong.
ReRe: you use "seen" the wrong way!
James: how?
ReRe: 'I seen this, I seen that.' ugh! it's bad.
James: well, I blame the people i work with.
ReRe: is that why you've been calling me colored lately?
James: WHAT?! i don't call you colored!

i love to keep him on his toes!

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