Friday, February 21, 2014

out of hiding!

man oh man! it's been nearly a year since i posted. i admit, i was scared of turning this into a "mommy blog." in my mind i'm a big deal with tons of fans, and i was so worried that my "fans" -- my Re-natics! -- would roll their eyes at all the aaron and river posts. i mean, come on, how many kid posts can one person handle. of course i tell myself that my kids are so darn cute and funny that no one could get tired of them....
but then i find me locking myself in the bathroom and pretending i'm having tummy issues when it's really because i need a break from those cute kids! and then i realize, if i need  a break, the web may too.

but then i said...


i'm a mommy. i have a blog. i may post about my kids. this is the life. but don't worry. i will still bring the goods about my favorite skinny meatless husband. my crazy lil bro. and i may even throw in some more crazy cousin keisha! (she is still crazy!).

how often will i post? ummm, i won't make any promises. i'm like a toddler and naps. some days i'll post. and some days i'll jump on the bed and scream "i'm spiderman and you are the bad guy. i want some chocolate. why is the grass not blue." that's life yo!

it feels good to be "back!"

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Ashlee Lindor said...

Love it!! now I can complete my rere fan club!