Monday, May 16, 2011

Back that boot scootin boogie up

I like to think of myself as the funniest, wittiest person around, but i think i may have met my match!
My friend Val is hilarious! I haven't known her long, but she's like my long-lost white twin. I call her my sister from another mister. Anytime she says something i crack up because it's so something i would have said or something i was thinking and she beat me to to the punch.

For example, the other day a group of girlfriends were having a conversation about the type of music we like. Now, from the outside, you'd never guess that Val likes old school gangsta rap (that's why you can't judge a book by it's cover). Anywhoo, we are all chatting about who likes country, who likes rock, etc. The conversation turned to modern country vs. the traditional (i had no clue there was a difference, it all sounds the same to me) said Val said something that really made me think:

"Modern country sucks donkey balls. And keep that crap off of top 40 radio. I don't call the country station and ask them to play the latest Jay Z. Keep your Lady Antebellum nonsense to yourselves!

Amen! Don't get me wrong, i've found myself driving down the street humming some Taylor Swift, but that's only because the stupid song came on after my Lil Wayne jam. What's up with that.

Can you imagine calling the Twister and asking them to play 50 Cent or Dr. Dre? Hecks no, so why am i one minute droppin' it like it's hot, and the next talking about how i went 2.7 seconds on a bull named fu-manchu. It's just wrong!

You know what else is wrong? When this big mega dance clubs combine the country western side with the hip hop/rap side. Talk about awkward. For MANY reasons. You either get the great divide where each group of folks takes turns dancing, while the other group sits on the sidelines and snarls, OR (and i think this is worse) you get dudes out there in Wranglers doing the cha-cha slide or cupid shuffle. That makes my eyes burn!

I tip my hat (my cowboy hat) to Val for keeping my wit on its toes!


Valerie Scherbart Quist said...

I love this, ReRe! As you knew I would. You totally made my day!

billy said...

Great blog ReRe! I have had a crappy Monday morning, but this sure make me smile!! Thanks!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...I like most types of music but I really don't hop aboard the country train too much...there is few and far between country artists I like.

And I def. not mix country and rap together.