Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reason #4,590 why i shouldn't take River to Wal-Mart

I've told you guys how Riv attracts the crazies at Wal-Mart (remember crazy tomato lady?). Apparently this is not just a fluke, he really does get mommy into the craziest conversation.

The most recent event occurred last Friday. I was looking through the giant $5 DVD bin. Riv was in the basket, but close enough to grab DVD and throw them in our cart. He was having a blast and of course as adorable as can be. An older gentlemen -- old enough that he a Korean War Vet hat on --came up and started looking through the bin. He told me how cute Riv was, and then this conversation took place:

Vet: (pointing at Riv) I wish i had about 5 or 6 of them living with me.
ReRe: I just smiled and nodded (trying not to be a little freaked by his comment -- my job makes me leery of dudes who want 5 or 6 boys living with them).
Vet: I live alone and would love 5 or 6 of him at my house. I love kids.
ReRe: Little ones are lots of fun (oh great! now anyone listening to our convo thinks we are both creepo deepos)
Vet: My great-grandkids are my life. They are who i live for.
ReRe (feeling less freaked): That's sweet. Parenthood is amazing, but i hear being a grandparent is more so.
Vet: I love kids. and let me tell you, if i was in here and saw someone hitting or even yelling at someone his age or even older I would beat the Sh!t out of them. I would beat their faces in.
ReRe (freaked out again. I mean, i totally get what he's saying, and feel the same way, but wow, where did this convo just turn):'s sad when folks mistreat children.
Vet: I'd beat the tar out of them. Beat their faces in. I'm 80, but i can take a 20 year-old. I did combat training in the war. I can take a 20 year-old like it's nothing.
ReRe: Awesome....have a good day!

I think hurried away to another section, only to have to return back to the DVD bin to put back the 15 copies of Weekend at Bernie's that Riv had put in our cart. Yes, Vet was still there. No, i didn't stop and talk.

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Lil' Woman said...

A crazy with a kind heart....a double edged sword :)