Monday, January 9, 2012

My White Girl is Out

For those of you who don't already know...i did it: i joined Pinterest. Yes, i let my inner white girl out to shine!

But i'm gonna be honest. I don't really get the obsession. Have I found some awesome recipes that i can't wait to try? Yes. But outside of finding tasty recipes to pin to my "Yummy for My Tummy" board, i don't understand what else I'm supposed to do or what other folks are doing.

I pinned a Hunger Games poster to my books board. But i have no idea why or what that's supposed to mean. Am i telling people that i can read? Am I telling people that i've read The Hunger Games? Am I telling people they should read The Hunger Games?

Also the site is hecka slow at times. And am i supposed to also be posting my own recipes and crafts (yeah right!) so folks can pin those, or is there a Pinterest factory somewhere full of under paid workers who sit around making recipes and crafts to post to Pinterest?

And don't get me started on the other things i can pin: pictures of outfits on skinny models, baby clothes, Caribbean vacations, etc. Is pinning a vacation of a tropical island a reminder that i want to go there? Well, i don't need a reminder --- i KNOW that i want/need a tropical vacation!

A cute kids outfit? Do i pin this so i can make the outfit for River? Do i pin it so i can buy the outfit for River? Or is this a reminder to kidnap the kid modeling the outfit? (kidding! kidding!)

I kinda get the crafts. It's like recipes. You plan to attempt to make those things. But i'm not fooling myself. I know I'm not crafty and i've never heard of half of the material needed for these crafts and i refuse to ask the cranky old ladies at Hobby Lobby to help me. But who knows, maybe after making my first dish (look out Wednesday Night Girls!) i may give a try at a craft...or i might buy something that looks similar and pretend i made it!

Right now my inner white gal is still on the fence on how she feels about Pinterest, but she'll keep you posted!

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Lil' Woman said...

I have a whole bunch of pins, none of which that I will attempt or attain....they're just pretty to look at.