Friday, December 30, 2011

Potluck Friday!

Happy Friday!!!! the last Friday of 2011!

So, as many of you know, last weekend James and I kept our 3 nieces (ages 8, 5, and 4). It was a magical weekend of baking cookie, watching Disney Channel (which i didn't even know i had) and making up answers to tons of questions because the true answers just didn't seem to be cutting it.
There were tons of highlights from all 3 girls, but it was my youngest nieces who truly stole the show, and it would be just wrong for me not to share some of those gems with my loyal readers.

So, out of the mouth of a 4 year-old, here is a very special Potluck Friday:

  1. Along with gingerbread cookies, the girls and I also made cake balls. Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing! so as i was pulling the cake from the oven, my sweet young niece blessed me with this:
    Niece: (standing behind me) That cakes smells good!
    Aunt Re: Thank you!
    Niece: But your butt doesn't! Come here girls (calling her sisters), come smell Aunt ReRe's butt.
    Aunt Re: Let's not! That's gross.
    Niece: (she bends over and points her butt at me) Your butt is bigger than mine. see?
    Aunt Re: Thanks...i had no clue!
  2. The girls were just so intrigued by River's diaper changes. I got questioned about why he pooped his pants, why he did it so often and just WHY! Lil Niece was the most curious.
    Niece: What's wrong with River's belly button.
    Aunt Re: (i'm mid diaper change). Nothing is wrong with his belly button.
    Niece: Uh huh. It looks funny.
    Aunt Re (i realize she's not talking about his belly button): Oh, that's not his belly button. That's his private parts.
    Niece: Why does it look like that?
    Aunt Re: Because he's a boy.
    Niece (shuttering in disgust): Ugh!
    Aunt Re: hahaha! keep that attitude for as long as possible!
  3. Lil Niece's curiosity with Riv's bathroom behavior did not stop there. While i was finishing the cake balls in the kitchen -- because the girls abandoned me when they realized that the dipping part sounded funner than it actually is -- i heard Uncle "Bames" having the strangest conversation.
    Uncle Bames: Poop is not a toy. Bring that poop back here.

    Before i knew it, Lil Niece was beside me in the kitchen, swinging around a walmart bag with a poopy diaper. You would have thought she had a bag full of money. she was so dang excited. So excited that she sang me a song.
    Niece: I got the poop! I got the poop! I got the poop! (she sang this several times while twirling the bag with's the little things!)
  4. I don't know who she was proclaiming this to, but as Lil Niece was walking through the house, i heard her say (to no one in particular): Boogers are sticky like glue!

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Lil' Woman said... are nuts!
I love the 'I got the poop' song and dance! :)