Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm ReRe, and i'm a junk food addict

A recent study says that junk food is addictive like drugs and the same feelings given off after binging on some goodies is similar to the high folks get when using cocaine and other drugs. Now, i'm no expert, but from my own experience in eating tasty goodness i can say that i agree. There's not much difference between a heroine addict on a trip and ReRe eating a fried snickers at the Medieval Fair. No, i've never committed crimes or harmed my family to get my hands on a juicy fried chicken wing or a double stuffed Oreo, but i have said things like:

"I can stop (eating this bag of chips) anytime."

"Tomorrow I'm quitting (and going on a diet)."

Some folks need the Betty Ford Center, some folks need the Betty Crocker Center.