Monday, March 29, 2010

Med Fair 2010 (it's not what you think)

So when the alarm went off this morning i was tempted to hit snooze and skip the gym, but then i had a flashback of all the delicious things i ate at the Medieval Fair over the weekend. My diet consisted of: a slice of pepperoni pizza, a 1/3 of a funnel cake, two lemonades (one blueberry and one strawberry), chicken on a stick with rice, a corn dog, an ice cream cone, a snow cone, a bite of a fried snickers, a bite of fried egg plant. I'm sure i had some other things over my two-day visit, but i've surpressed the memories. The food was not the only delicious part of the Medieval Fair. Some of my favorite quotes:

"Hey bro, ain't nothing better than a black man in a kilt." -- guy who was trying to get my little brother to buy a kilt.

"If you are Asian, you shouldn't come to the Medieval Fair and eat rice!" --T. Marie, annoyed when she saw an Asian kid eating stir fry.

"So i guess i shouldn't have had the chicken on a stick yesterday?" -- ReRe, responding to T. Marie's Asian comment.

Some of my favorite sites at the fair:

a black guy dressed in Medieval garb. I've been going to Med Fair for over 20 years and have NEVER seen a black person dressed up. I thought we knew better than that, but apparently we don't.

All the raccoon tails hanging out the back of folks' pants. Since when is this Medieval?

The guy dressed as a pirate pushing a set of triplets. I'm sure child welfare should investigate.

All the boobies. Young boobies, old boobies. The Med Fair is a boob man -- and infants -- heaven!

My favorite things to do at Med Fair:
complain about how much i ate
stalk inappropriately dressed people so i can take their picture
make fun of what folks are wearing

(Blogger's Note: Blogger is being cranky this morning and not letting me upload photos...)

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