Friday, April 2, 2010

Potluck Friday

TGIF. Folks have been looking for my blog, so spread the word that it's now here.

  1. So, yesterday i saw a man relieving himself -- and it wasn't my husband. I'm embarrassed to tell this story, but it must be told: I went to Hideaway Pizza to meet my girl Kerra for lunch. While i was waiting on her, i went to the bathroom. The restrooms at this particular Hideaway are confusing. You walk through one door labeled "restrooms" and then you go to the gender appropriate restroom. That was not hard. But when i came out of the bathroom, i got confused as to which door was the way to the lobby. I chose the door i thought was correct, but instead came face to face with a guy peeing. At first i was confused: "why is this guy peeing in the lobby?" And then i realized that I had went through the wrong door and was standing in the men's bathroom. Instead of rushing out quickly, my manners kicked in and I apologized a thousand times.
  2. The Hideaway fun did not stop there. After telling Kerra my story, she spotted a guy wearing a size smedium (not a small, but not a medium) T-shirt that said "I love my girlfriend." He was also wearing the tightest pair of stonewashed jean shorts. Kerra and i looked at each other:
    Kerra: How much you wanna bet the guy's shirt is lying. I doubt he loves his girlfriend.
    ReRe: Oh, he loves someone, but it's not a girl.
  3. I recently was almost run over by a Prius. Those little tree-hugging cars are so quiet! We need to use those over in Iraq and Afghanistan -- the enemy wouldn't even know we were coming.
  4. What am i jamming this week? It's another oldie but goodie. MC Hammer's 2 Legit 2 Quit. I was in 3rd Grade when this came out and i had to correct my mom when i heard her singing: "Do the jerk, do the jerk and twist."


Lil' Woman said...

In catching up with your blog again...
"Reunited and it feels soo good...."

I'm going to go catch up on what I missed

John said...

I LOL @ your "misadventures!"

Oh I have posted a link to this blog on Facebook. Don't worry, I only have 137 friends there. And got you corrected on my blog roll!

In other news, Norman, OK was on the news AGAIN, and it wasn't good LOL--a murder case I believe. I don't pay half attention to the news, but when I heard Norman, I was like Re-Re!

Tim said...

I walked into the wrong restroom before... Several years ago, during my drunken college days at OSU when I was 21-years-old I went to a bar in Stillwater, and me and my friends drank so much to the point where my vision was blury and I couldn't read the words on the door. So I accidentally walked into the ladies restroom while the ladies were in there.. Of course, when a big black man (such as myself) walks into a restroom with white women who are peeing, it causes a big panic and hysteria... Needless to say, the bouncers kicked me out of the bar so fast and banned me for the rest of the night. I tried to explain to them it was an accident. My vision was just too blurry to read the words on the restroom door.. When I realized what I did, I immediately walked out of the restroom, and went to men's restroom, but that didn't matter. I was still kicked out :(