Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I wanna be a billionaire so frickin bad!

So the other day my boy Tim informed me that he saw some Cross Colours merchandise at the flea market? Remember Cross Colours?! We were too broke for Cross Colours, but now that i'm "rich" -- and by rich i mean i have wayyyyy more money in the bottom of my purse than we grew up with -- i think i might go to the flea market and pick me up some Cross Colours!

While i'm at it, i might buy a whole bunch of stuff we couldn't afford when i was little. This will be a sign that i have "arrived."
Here are a few things that are on my list to buy in the near future:

  • K Swiss -- these were "the thing" to have in 7th grade. I had some generic ones from Payless. I finally got the real deal -- on clearance at Ross -- but by then they were no longer cool.
  • Starter Jacket -- In 6th grade "the thing" was to wear a boy's starter jacket. Ryan Peacock let me wear his all the time!
  • Puma shoes
  • a Homies T-shirt -- i had a Hispanic math teacher who HATED these. I never understood why. To me it's like FUBU for Latinos!
  • Guess jeans -- though i doubt they come in my size!
  • A side-by-side fridge (with ice maker and water) -- to me this was a sign of rich folks. only rich people -- rich white people-- had these when i was little.
  • Wheat bread -- again, only rich white folks ate wheat bread (at least that's what i thought growing up)
  • Cereal in a box -- actually, i buy this now. My first box of Lucky Charms (NOT MARSHMALLOW MATEYS) was a real coup! i grew up eating cereal in the bag. My mama called it "knee cereal" b/c it's so low on the shelf that you have to get on your knees to get it.
  • Trampoline -- all the rich kids had these (they also all had broken legs -- maybe i'll pass on this)

Now that i'll be all pimped out with my rich people stuff, it's time to do some rich people things:

  • Wear my seat belt: when i was little the only people i knew who regularly did this were rich folks. Maybe we didn't do this cus we didn't always have seatbelts in our hoopties.
  • Put bills in my name only: by the time i was 7, the water bill and light bill were in my name. This became a problem when at 20 i went down to the city to put my water bill in my name and they were confused b/c i had a bill i my name since 1988!
  • Take my lunch to work: all i ever wanted to do in first grade was take my lunch to school. But we were too broke, plus i got free lunches at school so my mama didn't see the point. Well, now that i'm grown and "rich" i take my lunch to work every day! (but if my job offered free lunches, i'd totally apply!)


Limey said...

Moving on up!

My husband grew up in a really, really bad part of OKC in gangland and spent quite a few years eating government "cheese" and "meat". He now really appreciates that we can buy store brand generic cheese because even that is a a step up from where he came from! It's good to grateful and count our blessings!

ReRe said...

oh i remember the govt cheese! it does NOT melt. I buy generic cheese too - and think im fancy!

TheFabJG said...

Between me and you bumming Peacock's starter, it's a wonder he thought he actually owned one. God I was so SPRUNG on that dude! bahahahaaa (When's the last time you said sprung?)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That is hilarious you had the light and water bills under your name when you were seven.

cristina said...

i too never had anything you listed. however, now i do have a "white people" fridge! i now buy the knee cereal- general mills in a bag is SO much cheaper!!!

Chitown Meg said...

I love your blog!! And yes- thanks for your comment on Sean Penn- I just can't get a grasp on celebs getting involved in politics, but if it's for a good cause- more power to them!

And as for your post- OMG! I had a Cross Colours shirt in 7th grade. I loved it. LOL. And I wanted a Starter Bulls jacket so badly!! Never did get that...

dev said...

Haha, I had the Cox bill and phone bill under my name. Who knew at so young I could take on such responsibilities. I always wanted a Starter jacket too! Then I guess they became "gang related" and weren't allowed at my school. Pretty sad.

Tim said...

haha. I used to be so obsessed with the side-by-side fridges (with ice maker and water)... All of my rich friends had them, but my parents never would buy one. I'm from a small country town and during the 1980s, you were considered upper class in that town if you had those fridges.

Also, I used have a fantasy of taking my own lunch to school just one time while I was in elementary school. All of my friends brought their own lunches so I wanted to be like them. But of course my mom wouldn't let. I was on reduced lunches where I only had to pay 20 cents per meal at the cafeteria, so therefore, my mom wouldn't buy me lunch to bring to school :(

Lil' Woman said...

I remember the Starter jackets....they had to be pull overs too! :)

Big Man still makes me eat Marshmallow Mateys, the cheap bastard.