Friday, July 30, 2010

Potluck Friday

Never thought this day would get here!

  1. First my apologies for the lack of blogs this week. Of course James made me feel guilty every day with "Why haven't you posted?" and "You really have been slacking this week." Well folks, i have no excuse. Well, yes i do. I've been going in at 7 a.m. every day and trust me when i say you don't want to read what's on my mind that early in the morning. It ain't funny or family-friendly! But i feel refreshed today and can't end the week without a potluck!

  2. Words are not enough for the joy i have now that Jersey Shore is back on! My life is now complete: Big Brother and Jersey Shore!!! Some folks are embarrassed to admit they love these shows -- but not me!

  3. I've been at a summer camp program for pre-teen girls all week. They learning about all kinds of stuff -- staying away from drugs, healthy relationships and apparently how big your ankles get when you are knocked up. Earlier this week one of the campers decided to tell me the obvious:
    Camper (in country-boony twang): OMG! Your ankles are so swollen.
    ReRe (amused, annoyed and a little offended): Yes, yes they are . I'm 7 months pregnant.
    Camper: Are they supposed to get that BIG?
    ReRe (once again amused, annoyed and little offended): Yes. It's normal.

    Then the camper proceeds to go up to the other camp instructors (who are also pregnant) and point out that their ankles are no where near as big as mine are. I wanted to point out that their pre-pregnancy a$$es were no where near as big as mine either, but i just smiled.

  4. Today is the first day of the third-trimester -- 12 more weeks to go. Some days it feels like pregnancy is flying by, and some days (when it's 90+ degrees) it feels like it will never end. I'm officially nesting. The crib is up, the changing table and dresser will go up tonight. I will soon start packing my bag so it will be ready. I told James that his next duty would be clearing out some cabinet space in the kitchen so we'll have a spot for bottles and all the other baby stuff babies apparently need. James' reply:
    He's not kosher. We just just stack his stuff on top of our.

    Ok then!

  5. In honor of the return of Jersey Shore, and because i love this song, my jam of the week is Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It" featuring PitBull.


TheFabJG said...

Ahh the countdown begins! I'm so thrilled for you---your life's about to change in a way you could never dream of. You can't even WISH for all the goodness that's coming at you.

And uh, we have a whole cabinet devoted to Christopher...and I sometimes feel like it's not enough! So, while you're nesting, it might not be a bad idea just to do a little rearranging so that you can expand if James decides that little River is, in fact, Kosher.


Lil' Woman said...

No shame in my game, I'm a Jersey Shore fan and I don't care who knows

cristina said...

its sad, the the cabinet that i have for kiddo also has the doggie treats! lol.