Friday, July 16, 2010

Potluck Friday

Nothing could excite me more than a Friday -- well, a double rainbow could, but that's about it!

  1. Guess who i'm NOT calling back -- ever. The U.S. Census Bureau. They've been stalking me for about a month. One evening i get a call from a dude who thinks i'm dumb and thinks that his opening statement of "You've been selected to do a 20-minute Census Survey!" was going to actually make me think that him being on the other line was a good thing. Of course i told him i was busy and to call back the next night at 6:30. He listened like a good boy scout, except i didn't answer. And i haven't answered since that first night, but the Census people still call me daily (twice now). I've done my duty, i turned in the form, that's all your getting from me. Growing up i was trained not to answer "out of area" calls or any other call that could be from a bill collector, so the Census folks are gonna have to get a lot more clever if they think they are getting me to pick up the phone.
  2. When i worked at Burger King back in the day, i didn't claim to know all there was about whoppers, but like everything in your life, you fake it till you make it. Apparently someone needs to pass that along to the waiter we had last night at Pad Thai on campus corner. One of the dishes James was contemplating stated it had "chili" in it. James, being a vegetarian, wanted to make sure exactly what that meant (did that mean a bang of noodles covered in Hormel chili)? But Tweedle Dumb could not answer that. "Umm, meat? Ummm, i don't know. It's just regular chilli. Ummm, ummmm." Finally he pulled over another guy (the same metro-sexual whose underwear were hanging out all night), who explained that it wasn't actually chili, but chili peppers.
    James: Oh, i guess it should have said chillis -- with an s.
    Metro-sexual: Yeah, but the same guy who wrote the menu is the same guy who wrote the sign on the door that says "Now Taking Application."
    Point made!
  3. Speaking of Burger King -- It's gross! I was craving a whopper the other day (i don't think i've had one since i worked there 13 years ago). I opt for a whopper junior meal. Of course, like any normal person, the first thing i do as i pull out the drive-thru is reach into the bag to grab a fry. Mistake! I had somehow forgotten how gross BK fries were. I don't understand that with all our technology, why can't BK figure out what Mickey D's is doing and make their fries better. Yeah, yeah, Mickey D's is probably frying their fries in beef fat, cat hair and meth, but i don't care, they are good -- and the King needs to get on the ball. (and don't even get me started on how undelicious that whopper jr. was).
  4. The time has come. I'm officially old. So old that this weekend i will be at my 10-year high school reunion. I'm probably the only dork excited about going to their reunion. Probably because i have a lot of successes such as:
    --Only one baby daddy, and i married him (BEFORE we made babies).
    --i'm only a little plumper from high school -- and that's just b/c i'm almost 7 months pregnant.
    Ok, i guess those are the only successes that count at reunions! But seriously, i really am excited about seeing folks in real life vs. on Facebook. What i'm not excited about is how much i paid to go to this dang reunion. But oh well.
  5. What's Re jamming this week? Well, i've rekindled my love for Eminem. I love the song "I love way you lie" ft. Rihanna. (of course Em throws a fit when his stuff is put on youtube, so you'll have to go to the link.


Jade said...

Don't forget to send me the info on the reunion...I got some serious talkin' into to do with my man...

Bee said...

You have to give Jack-N-thebox another try. Jack rocks.

Lil' Woman said...

Have fun at your reunion...I can't wait till I have one.

Jennifer K said...

Have fun at your reunion. My 25th is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'm not going. I have checked out some of my former classmates on Facebook. I have a feeling the reunion is going to be like being at Fox News Lovers convention. Ugh.