Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I thought black folks just said that!

Yesterday, while enjoying a can of mixed nuts with my hubby, i grabbed a Brazil nut...and learned something new about white folks:

ReRe: You know this is called a nigga toe, don't cha?

James: Yea.

ReRe: (i was really shocked. I thought black folks were the only ones who called Brazil nuts this) Really? You grew up calling them nigga toes?

James: (kind of quiet) Well, we didn't say "nigga."

ReRe: OMG!!! James! I'm so blogging that tomorrow.

James: Baby! No! You are gonna have folks trying to kill me.

ReRe: No one will kill you, we'll blame it on your family!

Speaking of the fabulous Brazil nut. I went years before i figured out that the "N word" was actually a reference to black folks. The only context i'd ever heard it in was referring to Brazil Nuts (until one day a kid at daycare sang an inappropriate Christmas jingle with it in it, but that's another blog). One day while shopping at Buy For Less, i saw a beautiful display of Brazil Nuts. I ran over to them and started yelling: "Mom, mom! Look at all these nigga toes! We need to get us some nigga toes!"

My mom ran over so fast to cover my mouth. And that's when i learned that in public Brazil nuts are "Brazil Nuts."


Bee said...

Wow, I never ever heard that and I've been black for 52 years.

Dr. MVM said...

We called them that in private, never in public.

ReRe said...

really bee? maybe its a black okie thing? thats what all my kin folks call them

cristina said...

i knew that! however i didnt know that nizzle meant the same thing, but in "code" lol!

Anonymous said...

I think it may be an Okie thing. I grew up a poor white kid in Elk City and I thought that was their real name until I was about 11. That's what the black kids in my neighborhood called them when we got them in our stocking at Christmas. Of course that was before any of us knew that the n word was the n word. If that makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

That is what we always called them; however, I never knew why until my mother explained it to me when I was about 9. She also told me the real name and than I was never allowed to call them by the slang name. I guess it is a Okie thing. I wonder where it came from? Maybe you can do some reserach and let us all know.


Lil' Woman said...

I've never heard of them, of the brasil or n word variety.

TheFabJG said...

I hadn't ever heard them called that either....but you got a belly laugh outta me with this post. Thanks for making me look like an idiot at my desk. ;)