Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bikers Beware -- i can't stand you!

This might make some folks mad, but i don't care. You know who i'm not a fan of?


No, not all bikers get on my nerves, but some of yall are just seconds away from some Subaru in your tush.

Oh, you know who you are. You are the guy/gal who rants and raves about how "we have all the rights of the road" and "we need to be respected just like drivers." YET you REFUSE to follow half the rules of the road. Yeah, you might give a half signal here and there with your hand when you feel up to it. But for the most part you only follow the rules when you feel up to it -- which is clearly not often.

  • Why do you think you get to just roll on through a 4-way stop? I can't do that in my car, so why do you get to do that just cus you are on a bike?
  • Why do you get to just cut across all the lanes, making folks slam on their brakes, but i can't do that in my car (well, i guess i could technically do anything you can do, but i guarantee i'm getting pulled over).
  • Why do you get to ride down the center of the road, weaving in and out between cars?
  • Why do you get to ride under the influence? (not that i want to drive under the influence, but seriously, i'd bet 60% of bikers are drunk -- at least the ones on campus corner).
  • Why do you think just because you are on a bike, it's appropriate to wear spandex? NO ONE should be wearing spandex, ESPECIALLY if you are not in the privacy of some contraption that is hiding your body.
  • Why do you get to bounce back and forth between the street lane, the bike lane and the sidewalk? Pick a route and stick with it. Yeah, i could probably get to my destination faster if just hopped on the sidewalk and cut through Mrs. Jones' rose bushes, BUT I CAN'T. And either should you!


Bee said...

I agree, no one should wear spandex and it should be outlawed. Especially bikers with tiny butts and spindly legs.

Lil' Woman said...

Spandex, hellls nooooooo!!

T. Marie said...

The lead guy on my project is one of these bikers and he wears's not cute. I want to print this out and leave it on his desk!

Miss C. Casler said...

OMG... We have bikers post signs in their yards that say "Watch out for bikers... we watch out for you!" Ummm... no ya don't, you knowingly put yourself in harm's way and then blame the drivers of cars and trucks for not watching out for you while you;re weaving in and out and driving the center line to cut everyone off at a red light... you're a jerk. I'm so glad you notice this too ReRe!