Monday, September 13, 2010

TLC is teasing all the men

So TLC has a new obsession. We all know the network is addicted to little people and people with lots of babies, but apparently TLC is also dabbing into a polygamy obsession and is kicking off a new show called Sister Wives.

My hubby is the one who told me about this upcoming program, which is weird because it's not really a reality TV person...
Anywhoo, we've had several conversations over the topic, and of course i just had to share:

ReRe: Have you noticed that all the wives, or "sister wives" are always kinda homely? I mean, you never see a dude married to 9 hot chicks, they are always just kind plain janes, not too cute at all.
James: Well, i think we should give a plane jane a chance and bring one in!
ReRe: NOT gonna happen. Why is always the dude anyway? You never really hear about ladies with multiple husbands...probably because they are smart. Most of us don't want the one husband we have! Who would want 8 more men to have to bug to pick up their crap?
James: Yeah, you'd have to remind 8 more guys to pick up their underwear.
ReRe: Or remind 8 more guys to throw away the empty milk carton instead of just leaving it on the counter EVERY. DAY.
James: Well, if i had an extra wife, SHE could throw away that carton.

I guess point made?

But it's still NOT gonna happen! (I doubt James is gonna find 8 more mouthy black ladies who are willing to share a hubby. SISTA wives DON'T exist!)


Dr. MVM said...

They do in parts of Africa. :o)

D. Ramblings said...

His final response is priceless!

Bee said...

Sista wives don't exist. So true ReRe.
I don't THANK so! :)

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...Isn't happening in this household either!! :)