Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Move over Bra, there's another sheriff in town that the ladies are gonna love!

You know what's wrong with the world today? You can't tell the difference between a real product commercial and a Saturday Night Live skit. Wait, well, maybe you can, but sadly the commercials are wayyyy funnier than SNL these days.

Here's an example:

Don't get me wrong, i totally see the need for something like this. I'm a booby girl and could totally make use for something like this -- probably could have used it yesterday -- but i still can't help but laugh at the ad. My favorite quote is at the :27 mark:

"So you can decide just how much cleavage you'll show."

I love how the announcer tried to be so professional with that line! I'm sure left on the cutting board floors are audio clips of her saying:

"So you can decide if you are gonna tease or please."
"So you can decide if you really want that raise or not."
"So you can decide if the girls get to come out and play."

Love it.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol....can you imagine James washing that in the laundry, like "WTF is this piece of cloth?"

ReRe said...

oh Lil Woman, but that would mean James is doing laundry! and that ain't happening! in his defense, i like to do all the laundry b/c i know what should go in the dryer and what (like bras and i'm sure this cami secret) should be hung to dry!