Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A peak inside a Lunsford mind: peaceful

There's really nothing on TV Sunday afternoons. So this past Sunday, James and i found ourselves watching one of those dance movies. I don't know which one it was exactly, but let's just call it "Step Up, Because You Got Served in the Electric Boogaloo."

I think one of the guys from the 90s group Immature was in it. Anywhoo, after awhile I'd had enough and told James: Change the channel. You're too white and we're too old for this movie.

But it really got us thinking. Are there really folks out there that take dancing that serious? Are there really groups battling each other for street cred? I honestly like the idea of young folks battling each other with the cabbage patch and the percolator (do folks still do those) versus pulling out a gun. Can you imagine how much nicer the 10 o'clock news would be: Another dance war broke out in northeast Oklahoma City leaving two young black men served. They plan to battle again next Tuesday.

Imagine how peaceful the world is in the brain of a Lunsford!


s.davis said...

I am all for dance battles. I just got out of jail, & saw two cousins argue about who would stab each other first w/ a pencil over a game of spades. (neither of them did anything, but still, dancing works.)

Lil' Woman said...

I would love to be in a dance battle....and oh I can percolate with the best of them, my :)