Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Taking the fun out of apps!

I'm probably one of the rare smart phone users that's really not into all the apps. Besides using the Facebook App daily, i use my phone for the purpose that Zach Morris used his cell phone: to talk on it. (i also freeze time regularly, but that's another post).

But James on the other hand is the App King. He downloads all kinds of Apps. But unlike folks who download fun apps, you know the ones where you can take your picture and then add 300 pounds to your face, or the apps that sound like toots (my mama never allowed me to say the "f" word), or other fun apps, James downloads "smart people" apps.

For example, he's recently been obsessed with this muscle app that has a diagram of the body and gives you all these details about muscles and what they do blah blah blah. One app is called "Speed Anatomy" where he has to identify a body part or a muscle within so many seconds to advance to the next level. He has another called "Prognosis" where he gets a pretend patient and has to determine what interventions they need. He said "it's like playing doctor." And another app shows him how to do joint mobilization. Oh and Science Millionaire. I could go on.

Basically James' apps are the abacuses of apps. In other words: Lame! They are like the butterscothes of Halloween candy. In other words: grandma!

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