Monday, April 30, 2012

The makings of a black widow

I admit I'm a girlie girl and do not hesitate to yell like one if I see a creepy crawler. I married James for many reasons -- and one of those reasons is to handle creepy crawlers. I thought he knew this, but i recently learned this was a wrong assumption (you know what they say about assuming).

The other day while cleaning out the tub I saw what can only be described as the lovechild between a crab and a scorpion. (I'm literally shuttering just typing that, ick!). It was maybe an inch long, but it looked like it was packing heat, so i did what any girlie girl would do....I SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS.


My night and shining armor came running in the bathroom concerned.

James: What's wrong???
ReRe: There, look, it's a bug. It has  pincher and claws, kill it! KILL IT!!! What is it?
James: Calm down. it's nothing. (he flushes it)
ReRe: What was it?
James: I don't know.
ReRe: It had pinchers? What was it?
James: I don't know. Did you seriously scream like that for a little bug. I ran in here and didn't even pause my video game and now I'm going to lose my pro status. Next time you scream like that it needs to be for something serious, like a black widow.
ReRe: You know what? I'm about to be black widow!


LWLH said...

Haha...I knew it was going that two are nuts.

Tiffanie A said...

Love the blog! I found you through Baby Center! My little man was also born in Oct 2010!
I would love for you to stop by and say hello! :)