Friday, April 16, 2010

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday

  1. Today begins the official week countdown of James and my 5th year wedding anniversary! Next Friday we will have outlasted 98 percent of Hollywood couples!

  2. You know what i hate more than racists? Racists who think it's appropriate to make racial about one group to another minority. It's like they think it's ok to be racist, as long as you are not the race or ethnic group they are busting on. I took a stroll through Motherhood Maternity the other day -- a mistake i will blog about next week. (I promise this won't turn into a "mommy blog" but there are some things i must share!). The cashier and i were chatting about all kinds of things and got on the subject of vacationing in Mexico. And then she said the tackiest thing -- i've heard this term before, but seriously who says this to a customer:
    Nazi Cashier: When you are in Mexico you have to be careful because a lot of those little shops will try to Jew you on the prices.

    I thought i heard her wrong. I said "huh?" And then she just repeated it. Really? Really? I just grabbed my sack and left. Seriously? I wonder what she says when the black chick is not in the store. I reminded me of an office manager of small firm i worked at for a short time. She always would talk about "jewing" vendors down on services. Oh, i'd love to see what she had to say when the black girl was no longer there!

  3. James and I have sworn off movies at the Redbox. Yeah, yeah, i've said it before, but i'm serious this time -- i think. We rented Couples Retreat. Words can not express how bad this was. I've seen worse, but i've seen wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. I didn't know if it was supposed to be a comedy or a drama or a guide of not what to do in marriage. I was confused. No bueno.

  4. 10 years ago i knew it was a mistake to put a certain person in charge of the Norman High School Class of 2000 reunion and now my fears are coming true. Guess who didn't get invited -- Me! Everyone is talking on Facebook about the reunion and i've yet to receive and invite! That's whack -- it ain't a party if ReRe Smith ain't there! I'm kidding. Kind of.

  5. What is ReRe jamming this week? "Say Something" by Timbaland ft. Drake. This song brings out the ghetto fab in me. I'm talking moon roof open, head popping, arm in the air embarrassing Lil Bro to the bone. This song is so good!


Kari Kiker said...

ReRe I would have to agree on the reunion thing...Kyle has yet to get anything about it! He doesn't have Facebook, I'm sure like a lot of people, so how are they supposed to know anything about it?? Not that he said he's going, but I want him to so I can hang out with people like you!! Can I be your date? :)

BPD in OKC said...

I'm supposed to have my 10-year reunion this year too, but I don't think anyone has even started planning anything. I don't think I'll go even if they remember to invite me

Lil' Woman said...

I agree...I don't went into that movie thinking that it was going to be something else and then came out confused.

cristina said...

wow...miah got an invite. you can have his. oh, its not red boxes fault the movie was bad. at least it was just a dollar...