Monday, April 5, 2010

Finally, something good from Canada

I did something i'm kind of embarrassed to admit: I bought the Justin Bieber CD. In my defense it was only $8 at Wally World. I couldn't pass that deal up.
I'm so embarrassed that my 28 year-old self is in love with a 15 year-old kid from Canada who sounds like Mickey Mouse. Judge me not. If Justin is good enough for Ludacris, he's good enough for me.
Like i've said before, i'm not a CD buyer. I really really have to like a song to buy the CD (one day i'll get hip enough to get one of those gadgets where i can download my music too -- i'll work on that after i quit using a VCR to tape my stories). Justin is not the only inappropriate crush i've had over the years.
Here are some other crushes that i've had that you may find surprising:

  • Kidd Rock: yeah, he looks like he might smell and be sticky if you touched him. But there's just something about him that i like.
  • The blue Avatar guy: i think the actor is way hotter when he's all blue with a tail. Am i the only one who fanned myself during the Avatar love scene? (i know i'm not).
  • Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory: knowledge is sexy, and ironically some of James' co-workers call him Sheldon.
  • K-Fed: Yeah, i said it. I think he's cute. And other people would admit it too if he wasn't, well, K-Fed.
  • Anderson Cooper: He's the hottest journalist in the world. Sadly i hear that i'm not his type -- figures!


Tim said...

I will admit, I was a closet fan of Justin Bieber's song called "One Time" which was on his last album, last year. So I won't judge you for liking his music.

Lil' Woman said...

You love your white boys don't ya!? :)
Anderson Cooper though is pretty foxy though I must admit! :)