Monday, April 12, 2010

Facebook rant. Blame it on the hormones.

I have a Facebook friend request that i've left in pending mode for about 2 weeks. I'm kind of hoping that i will pend it for so long that the person will forget about me and cancel the request.
Why don't you just ignore it, you ask? Well, i'm too nice for that. I'd rather just pretend i haven't seen it. Maybe the person will think i don't check my page often. Maybe they will think I moved to another country that doesn't have Facebook.
What happens when you ignore a request? Does the person get a message that says "Your former co-worker who you worked with over 2 years ago, but barely said two words to has decided that she does not want to be your friend"?
I really wish that's the message that would get sent. Because really, why does someone who basically snarled at me for 5 years, now want to be my friend on Facebook? I can honestly say that i like all of my Facebook friends. When i get a friend suggestions, i don't just approve them automatically because we have 72 friends in common or because we had the same third grade teacher. If i think "Ugh, i couldn't stand that girl back in 1992" i DON'T send a request!
While i'm on my Facebook rant, what's up with folks who put all their drama into their status updates?
I'm not kidding, in a two second period i saw three different status updates that consisted of baby daddy drama, ex-wife drama and what i can only guess is legal drama. Really? Must you take the Jerry Springer show viral? There are just some things folks should keep to themselves -- or their therapist.
When i read these ghettodates (ghetto-updates) it made me stop and think about what they meant about me, and i concluded that I have some ghetto friends.
Ok, my hormones are done raging over Facebook.

In exciting baby news: I have lost a pound since getting pregnant. Seriously?! I should have gotten pregnant 15 years ago!!! (i'm just kidding -- my mama would have KILLED me).


Lil' Woman said...

Facebook can get ridiculous...I deleted mine but just signed my FMIL up for it! :)

BPD in OKC said...

There is a certain ex-coworker of ours who has a tendency to send friends requests to some of the women over & over again. They hit ignore, then he sends it again, they hit ignore again, and he sends it again. It's been going on for months. My advice... just block the person, and you don't have to worry about it again

The Gatlins said...

I've been getting tons of friend requests lately for people I don't even KNOW but apparently am related to, and/or are friends of my parents? IDK...I quit accepting and have left a few pending for a while myself.

Secondly...I'm not even kidding, getting pregnant was the best diet I ever went on! By the day I had my baby, I had only gained 2 pounds after dropping 13ish my first trimester...then at my 6-week check up appointment, I had lost like 23 pounds. It was ahhhhhmazing!