Monday, October 11, 2010

This PSA is brought to you by the letters F-L and U

As flu season is upon us, the folks at ReRe-Ramblings would like to do a PSA for the season. No, i'm not going to tell everyone to get a flu shot or tell everyone why they should or shouldn't get one. My message is simple: IF YOU ARE SICK, KEEP YOUR SICK BUTT AT HOME. AIN'T NOBODY GIVING OUT AWARDS TO "DEDICATED" EMPLOYEES WHO BRING THEIR COOTIES TO THE OFFICE.

Nothing worse than someone hacking up a lung, looking like death warmed over, but saying things like "no, no i'm not sick." and then they continue to blow their rudolph nose. NASTY. RUDE.

We've all worked with that person who comes in sicker than a dog and acts like they are doing the company some big favor by bringing in their diseases. They say things like "I'm soooooooo sick, but I just have so much to do." or "I don't feel good, but i didn't want you to get stuck with my work." Ummm, i'd rather be stuck with your work than whatever you got going on in your chest.

If I was the boss, i'd be sending sick folks home. Better yet, sick folks would get penalized for even coming to work with drippy nose in the first place.

So i'll say it again people, leave your sick butts at home -- you gets no pats on the back from me!


Dr. MVM said...

Some people have to work even though they are sick. They can't afford to miss the pay.

ReRe said...

that is true, BUT i need to work to and it's not fair that i have to miss the pay b/c someone brought their germs to the office. there's a difference between coming in with some sniffles, and coming in with a fever, snotty nose, bloodshot eyes etc. so now the entire office is going to miss pay b/c someone wouldn't take some dang benadryl and rest a day?
maybe i wouldn't care so much if i wasn't 8 mos pregnant and really not trying to catch the flu -- oh, wait, yes, i'd still care! if you are hacking a lung, your report can wait, that presentation can wait or the burger you need to flip can WAIT! (especially the burger!)

T. Marie said...

Amen ReRe!!! I'm salary and the people in my office get "sick leave" so why the hell do they think they need to bring their crap to work so that I can spend my weekend missing out on my planned activities because they think they need to be some sort of freaking hero?!? There is no excuse for that if you have sick leave built in. I guarantee no one would have missed them if they would have kept their ass at home. But now that I feel so bad because of them I can't even get up to go into the office and give it back to them!! ASSHATS...stay home!

Crystal Clear As Mud said...


Lil' Woman said...

Amen, keep your cooties to yourself.