Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Count Down to the end of my life....

Some pregnant ladies get annoyed when folks want to rub their bellies -- i don't mind (as long as you aren't some weirdo and you have all your teeth or at least a good set of dentures)

Some pregnant ladies get annoyed at comments like "are you carrying twins?" "man, you look like you were due yesterday" or the plain and simple "you are huge." -- amazingly i don't mind these either. As long as their is a kiddo in me, you can comment on my roundness all you want. BUT in 3-4 weeks you better shut your face.

But what i CAN'T stand are the constant comments about how "your life is going to be OVER. so enjoy this time while you can."

Don't get me wrong, i know that life is going to be very different. I won't be able to decide that I need to go to Opies in an hour. I may not be rushing out to see a 2 hour new release in the near-near future, and my nights of 9 hours of sleep are going to dwindle (though if you are on Facebook at 3 a.m. you would know that i haven't slept through the night in at least two months).

Yes, i know all of these things and more. But there's nothing worse than telling two people who are about to start such an exciting journey that life is really about to SUCK. I have some mommy friends who tell me all the ugly sides of pregnancy and the after, i love and need that, it's real. But what i don't love or need is weird laughing church lady who told me Sunday: "Man, you won't be going out alone for a long, long time. Kiss those movies and dates goodbye once this baby comes."

(James said i should have told her: well, my hubby is not ashamed of me, so he will still take me out.)

Other annoying your-life-is-gonna-suck-soon comments i hate are:

  • You and James are never going to have "alone" time again. -- umm, that's right. because people NEVER have "alone" time after they have a kid. that's why every couple has just one kid (ignore the fact that James is #9 of ELEVEN kids) . Ok???

  • No more date nights. -- to the folks that have not been on a date since their kid was born 10 years ago, shame on you! don't blame that on your kid! just admit that you just don't really like your old lady/old man anymore! Trust me, this mama will have her some date nights. happy mama = happy house!

  • When someone's kid is acting a fool, throwing a crazy tantrum, the parents look at you and say: "I hope you are ready for this." -- No, i'm not ready for that, and i don't need to be because i'm not gonna have a BeBe kid. Notice that it's always the person with the baddest kid who wants to prepare you for incidents like your kid slapping you in Wal-Mart or your teen calling you a "B." Now, i'm not saying my boy is going to be perfect, but I know how my mama raised me and trust me, we knew better to act a fool in private, let alone in public!

My question is this: if kids are sooooooooo terrible, than why do folks keep busting them out!

Ok, off my soapbox!


T. Marie said...

Thank you for this post! As a "childless" (cue the "ahh that's too bad" sounds now)woman I am soooo glad you finally told peeps to shut the hell up about this crap. People need to learn to realize that their experiences won't necessarily be the experiences of everyone. Yes, she might be aware that sleep will be deprived and there will be pee and poop incidents she never imagined...stop stealing the joy of ReRe's first born by making it out like she's carrying a devil child. If you've met ReRe then you no she's not going to be raising a child to act like a fool, so you could probably use some advice from this "mom-to-be" about your own kids! Shut your hole and let these first time mom's experience this just like you did. The best friend you can be is a supportive one, not one that constantly reminds her of what kind of hell she'll be living in...which is YOUR opinion, not hers.

Rock on Re! Nice post today!

ReRe said...

Oh T. Marie how i heart thee!!!

Jessica said...

Ha! I had the SAME complaint when we were expecting. In fact so much so that I now make a point to say only positive things. I pretty much tell people how excited I am for them and how much they are going to LOVE being a mom/dad. Because you will! You will LOVE it!

Every day is something new, and every month I say "this is my favorite age". Sure, there are toddler tantrums, I've been pooped on, thrown up on, spit up on, peed on...but I laugh every time. It makes a HUGE difference to laugh when things happen, to take it in stride. I don't mind any of that because it's part of being a kid and being a parent.

Keep your positive and funny attitude up. When you're up in the middle of the night and you're exhausted - all I can tell you is that is DOES get better. You have a super supportive husband and that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world. He will help you get the rest you need to keep laughing.

Just remember to laugh. They are SO MUCH FUN. As for date nights, don't hesitate to hire a babysitter. Your marriage has to be #1, keep that working and the rest will fall into place!

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...I know nothing of baby raising or the like but I agree with the last one, your kid might be a crazy person but only because that's how his crazy mama raised him.

Holly said...

Screw all the na-sayers! Just be the solid rock that they need and can trust to love them no matter what and it will all be fine. Oh, and remember all newborns do is sleep, eat and poop so don't wait forever to go out on that first post baby date. :o)