Friday, October 15, 2010

Potluck Friday

  1. Now, i don't want to be one of those crazy people who is blaming the flu shot for making me sick (i've read up on it, i know it's a dead virus, yada yada, i even have watched the vaccine be made and learned about all that crap), BUT, THE FLU SHOT MADE ME SICK! I got the sucker on Tuesday -- i typically don't get it. The last time i got it 5 years ago I got really really sick and passed it to James. We spent Thanksgiving 2005 on the couch drinking thera flu and watching Jurassic Park for a week. No fun. But i decided to get it this year so i could pass all the antibodies to River. WRONG CHOICE. I love this kid, but mommy feels like crap and really wishes she would have took daddy's advice and just bumped up my vitamin D intake instead. But it's too late. I have a sore arm, with a lump as big as J. Lo's rump on it, tingly throat and runny nose. Maybe it's not the flu shot, i could blame it on the "dedicated" folks who refuse to take a sick work day (and i blame half of it on them), but i can't deny that little shot some how jacked me up. So 2010 will be the last year ReRe EVER gets a flu shot. EVER.
  2. So i may have been wrong about something for the last 29 years: i may NOT have child-bearing hips. they might just be wide. Monday my doc informed me that she was a little concerned/surprised that my boy hadn't started moving into position. Yes, he's head down, but he's not moving down -- if you know what i mean. She said she's not in worry mode quite yet and over the next two weeks he could still move his way down, BUT she did say that it was possible he was on the big side (i don't know where he could have got that) and was maybe having a hard time. My kid is part of the GBC -- the ghetto booty crew. I hope he's just being lazy and will start to pack his things over the next week and be ready to roll soon. We shall see.
  3. So The Situation got the boot off of Dancing with the Stars. I'll admit, i was kind of bummed b/c not only am i a fan of Jersey Shore, i'm a fan of watching rythmless people dance! And it doesn't come more rythmless than Mike The Situation! He really took getting the boot to heart. Apparently he's never watched the show and didn't realize that you don't get votes for trying hard. You get votes for dancing well! What i don't understand is how someone who spends so much time in the club can be so bad at dancing?!
  4. What song am i jamming this week? "Check it Out" by Will.I.Am and Nicki Minaj. Ms. Minaj is really becoming one of my favorite folks these days. She's like the black Lady GaGa!


TheFabJG said...

(Um...the interwebs accidentally deleted Item 5.)

"5. I got to meet up for dinner with my girl Jenny this week. We go way 1993 way back. Last time I saw here, she was as pregnant as I am now, and her boy is coming up on his second birthday. For shame.

We had a great dinner, lots of laughs, she brings an element of magic to my life that I often don't even realize is missing. I love me some JG!"

ReRe said...

how could i have forgot that info!!!

Anonymous said...

So in light of #1 and your recent PSA, why are you ar work? Just wondering.

ReRe said...

good question! i figure i'm exempt b/c i've been vaccinated, and i know it's not an actual "cold" but a reaction to the shot. but if i had slime balls coming from my eyes i'd be gone like donkey kong!

Lil' Woman said...

I never get a flu shot just for the fact I'm scared i'll get sick afterwards....ugh.

Hope you feel better soon and that little man gets on the move! :)