Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Youth today

So last week while presenting to some 3rd graders about not using tobacco products, i learned some interesting things such as: i'm glad i'm not a 3rd grade teacher (i give it up to you teachers, i don't have that kind of patience), i have the same taste in music and boys as 3rd graders (they love the Bieber too), and -- and this is the most important one -- "YOU GET A CELL PHONE BY 3RD GRADE."

Yes, that's an actual quote from one of the kiddos, and all her classmates agreed.
Say What???!!! So in 9 years River gets his own cell phone plan?

this little tidbit of info was shocking to me, especially considering that I didn't get a cell phone until i was a junior or senior in high school, and when i was in 3rd grade, the only folks i knew with cell phones were Zac Morris and a family friend named Ricky (who i'm pretty sure had shady business going on).

Part of me can see wanting your kiddo to have a cell phone so they can check in with you etc. But another part of me wonders who the heck are 3rd graders talking to enough to warrant a $40+ a month phone bill. AND what could they possibly be talking about?!

I don't know why i should be surprised though. I know 3 year-olds with iPods ( i don't even have an iPod. and i still use a VCR).

I guess the lesson i learned is that i'm way behind the times and i need to get cooler pretty soon so i don't become one of "those" embarrassing moms!


Lil' Woman said...

Forget that...my future kids won't be getting a cell phone until there able to pay for it themselves...my butt doesn't read Bank of America.

michelle said...

You decide when your kids get cellphones, ipods, other technology. Not society. Our daughter will not have a cell phone anytime soon - she's 9 and i hear all the time how her other friends have one. i told her to can it, i know where she is at all times, she has no need for one. we'll start having that talk when she hits middle school simply because things changes there with scheduling and such, but that's when we'll start talking, not when she gets one.

she's had an ipod for several years, but she loves music and i see no problem with her having this and being able to have her music in that form - its cheaper in the long run than cd's and stereos. She's had a computer since she was 5, but its monitored. the kid is a geek and introducing things like this is dependent on the child and the parent.

things change, times are not what they were when we were young and we adjust to what feels right for us and for our children. no one else dictates when and if our kids get these things.

not so zen momma said...

Technology is an interesting parenting subject. One thing you'll quickly observe is that technology is so natural to little ones, mainly because they see you using it. Van was barely 2 and he could take pictures with my smart phone.

My point? When we were young, technology was a privilege. It may be different with our kids; technology may be a way of life.

That said, I'm all for monitoring usage and accessibility. But what you'll quickly learn, you don't know what your gut reaction will be until you get there with your kids.

ReRe said...

true dat, i still find it funny that all the kids agreed "you get a cell in 3rd grade." not 4th, 6th, etc.
not saying that my boy won't get cool tech toys or that 2010 is the same as 1988, but i don't think my 2 year-old is going to be rocking his own ipod!

Impulsive Addict said...

I totally agree. Along the same lines (but completely different), remember how you NEVER heard cuss words or saw sex scenes at 7:00pm when we were growing up? Now, I can't put it on anything without hearing Bitch, Ass, Damn, etc. or seeing some teenage girl gettin' busy with another boy (or GIRL) and it disgusts me. I'm also bothered by the fact that we're making teenagers famous for having babies. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!
Ok..I'm done. Maybe I should blog about this...