Friday, October 22, 2010

Potluck Friday

It's probably the best Friday ever!!!
  1. Why? Because it's my last day of work before maternity leave AND my last Friday without my kiddo! Tomorrow is officially my due date -- 40 weeks of preggoness here I come. And tomorrow begins the countdown for River to make his debut. He's got until Thursday and then he'll officially get the boot. My gut -- and my SIL (who correctly predicted 14 years ago that our nephew would be born on leap year) -- tells me that my boy is planning to make an entrance on Monday. So we'll see! I'd love for that to be the case, because on Oct. 25, 2003, River's daddy asked me on a date. So it only makes sense for River to pop in on October 25th! Fingers crossed.

  2. There's been A LOT of nesting going on in la casa de ramblings. I even somehow convinced my hubby that River needed a screen door on the front of the house?!!! So No. 1 dad will be installing that in the next 24-28 hours. I still don't know how i won that argument -- probably had something to do with the fact that i actually wasn't screaming, complaining or crying and James just said "Yes, sure, you're right" to keep the peace! (i'm gonna miss getting my way just cus i'm with child). I gave the house a good dusting last week, and this weekend i/we plan to do a good vacuuming and mopping. Why? you ask. Because i don't want my kid to think God jipped him and gave him to the nasty people. I want the house to be shiny. And we all know that some kids DO get jipped and get stuck with the nasty parents (dirty laundry and dog hair all over, bugs, smell of cat pee). That ain't us! And it never will be! (cus i hate cats!)

  3. Last night was a sad night. It was the season finale of Jersey Shore. Tear. All i have to say is this: I can't stand Sammi, (why you so cranky? and you seriously need a cough drop cus that voice is NOT cute. You sound like Phoebe when she got sick and did the sexy version of "Smelly Cat"), i heart Pauly D, and Snooki, you DID tell JWow that Pauly was talking smack, and you LIED! But i still love you, even if you are darker than me.

  4. It's time for some more Facebook rants. We all know how much i can't stand things like: updates that tell all your ghetto bizness, Bible verses (I love God, but i also know he does not have a Facebook and that verse ain't getting you into heaven. 1 is fine, but daily is too much), or updates that are about nothing other than how much you love your kid or spouse. again. sweet. but tell THEM that, not US! But now i have another pet peeve. It's not new, but i've just been noticing it more and more: Folks answering questions about me. What's this about? Every so often i will get a post on my wall telling me that some random person answered questions about "ReRe" and i have answers to unlock. What the heck? And why is the person answering the questions about me always that random friend who i probably shouldn't be friends with in the first place because 1) i really don't know who they are, but felt too guilty to decline the request 2) i really don't like them, but felt too guilty to decline the request and have been too lazy to delete them or 3) they don't know me well enough to answer 1 question about me, let alone enough to warrant a wall post!
    But Facebook has been very entertaining this week because Crazy Cousin Keisha now has a Facebook. and even though she does all the things that drive me nuts with the updates, i can't get enough! Some update highlights from my craziest family member( copy and pasted directly. no lie!):

    i had a scrub named PATRICK YOUNGBLOOD.Sorry 2 put u on blast but the ni@ga was water Anybody else out there allergic 2 soap and water? Lol. Im over it(him)now.just he HAD sum cool while I was hormonal 4 9 months.but now im singing the Chrisette Michelle cut"EPIPHANY" ya know?!

    does anybody else besides me love grocry shoppin the day after the 1st? After the traffic has somewhat died?

    why do guys think its ok 2 fart OUT LOUD abruptly and then proceed 2 carry out the conversation like nothin happenened while lookin u n the eye? FREAKN GROSS! Unproper 4real

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week? It's not new, but i just love this song. It's "How to Save a Life" by The Fray. It was part of our sermon last week at church (reading the story behind the song makes me love it so much more):


Kari K said...

congrats ReRe, I pray your delivery goes smoothly!! You know you can hide those apps that show up, like games and questions and crap. Scroll to the top right hand corner of the post on your wall and an "x" will show up. Hit that and a few buttons will pop up and one should give you the option of "hiding ..." I hid all those stupid game posts that ask to help me feed their fish or goat, or whatever else they were playing.

Jennifer K said...

Hi Re, I hope everything goes well with River's entrance into the world.

And I share your pain on the Facebook stuff. I just had a major HS reunion, and though I didn't go, I just had to check out some of my former classmates. Yikes, either they're total Glenn Beck fans or they're bragging about still getting drunk even though they're in their 40s. Ugh.

Lil' Woman said...

Can't wait till River makes his grand entrance....Auntie Lil' Woman is EXCITED!!