Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have no fear, River will know where he came from!

In case you are worried that River will be one of those rhythmlesshalf-black kids, or one hard-core gangsta half white kids, James and I are ensuring that he is learning about both his cultures (yes, white folks have culture too!).

Our main way of doing this is through music. River is already a fan of some Kanye (he has a lullaby CD that's Kanye tunes) and he is becoming a fan of Lil Wayne more and more each day. And of course i'm teaching him to love some classic R&B such as Luther, Al Green and the likes. This past weekend i was impressed that daddy too was using music to pass on some culture to his baby boy.

James performed this jam (complete with air guitar and head banging) to our son:

Yes, "Paradise City." Of course i had no clue who sang this (James was appalled when i asked if it was Aerosmith).

Guns N' Roses is the perfect band for River. They are rock AND Slash is a mixie kid just like River!

So have no fear, River will be the most well-rounded mixie kid on the block. I can't wait to see what his iPod43 will have on it. I'm sure it'll be a mix of some classics: Dr. Dre, Montley Crue, Jodeci, and some Guns N' Roses.


Lil' Woman said...

Lol...Can you send me a mix CD for my future mixie baby! :)

T. Marie said...

You didn't know who sang Paradise City?? This is right up there with not blogging because of your new "schedule"...unacceptable. (I'm allowed to talk trash...I'm not a parent YET). LOL

ReRe said...

um, can i play the race card?! I'm sure i'm not the only black person out there who wasn't jamming Guns N' Roses back in the day!

Don't make quiz you on all the songs sang by SWV and Bel Biv Devoe!

Little Woman, i will definitely make you a mix!