Friday, April 8, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. I remember in 7th grade our school D.A.R.E. officer talking about how drug addicts are always trying to catch that feeling of their first high, but they never do. Well, Wednesday i got an idea of what that feels like. At made an emergency dentist appointment Wednesday afternoon because one of my teeth (a baby tooth actually, yes, i'm nearly 30 with 3 baby teeth left -- and no adult ones are under them) has been bothering me for a few weeks. Wait, let me rewind and say that my favorite part of labor (besides River) was the epidural. Not because it took some of the pain away (i say "some" on purpose) , but because i just felt so dang GOOD! I've never felt so relaxed in my life. I think one of my funny epidural quotes -- there are plenty, i hear -- was "Why do people do drugs, they need to be doing epidurals!" So anywhoo, i loved my epi. I didn't realize how much i loved it until i was sitting in the dentist chair and she asked me if i wanted gas before they redid my filling. I'd never had gas, and actually i make fun of James for always getting it. But i thought what the heck and said yes.

    OMG! Gas, where have you been all my life?! It was at that moment that i realized i'd been searching for that epidural bliss for 5 months! And here it was all along at my dentist's office. Ok, no need to do an intervention on me. I'm not gassing myself right now, or faking tooth problems to get it, but yowza, i think gas is a close second behind the epi. Who knew?!

  2. This just in, i just witnessed a flash mob! Yes, two handsome men by the names of James and River just busted in on me blogging to sing me some Katie Perry. One was wearing underwear, the other a diaper -- i'm not telling you who was wearing what (i think you'd be surprised though).

  3. Real Housewives of New York is back! All i have to say is if Alex is a model, Victoria's Secret needs to be calling me. Seriously! How did that happen? And why is she so dang cranky this season. Must be the model diet.

  4. I got the sweetest text from Lil Bro this week: "I love you. If you look up 'Big Sister' in the dictionary there's a picture of you!" I must say that that little boy has drove me crazy over the years, but i love him (and Middle Bro) with all my heart. I'm so luck to be there Sissy.

  5. What's ReRe jamming this week. Man, what am I NOT jamming this week. I like so many songs, so it was hard to choose one, but i did. It's "Backseat" by New Boyz (The New Boyz are the only black men on the planet rocking skinny jeans. Skinny jeans should be illegal for everyone, especially the brothas).

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Lil' Woman said...

I might slap the shizz out of Big Man if he started rocking skinny jeans.