Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yes Mr. Officer, I'm this dumb!

A BIG Thank you to the Norman Police officer who pulled me over at 6:30 this morning. I'm not being a smart butt, i'm REALLY thanking him! Not only did he just give me a warning to slow down and turn my lights on (i'll explain more in a minute), he didn't even ask for my license -- which is a good thing because i didn't have it on me. Starting tomorrow I will be taking my license to the gym with me. I guess i just assumed that getting up at the butt crack of dawn made me exempt from carrying the proper documents.

It's funny, because i had a feeling on my way to the gym that i was going to be pulled over this morning. Maybe it's the ESP that i get now and then, or maybe it was the sheriff riding my rear-end all the way to the gym and then speeding by me. When he passed me i thought my ESP was broken. But i guess not.

So after killing my legs and arms in class, apparently i was flying down Porter. I see the lights in my mirror and of course i knew they were for me, but i slid over to the right lane in hopes that he's pass me and go after the invisible car up ahead. But nope, he got me. He barely even came up to the window. You would have thought i was a maffia member or some gangster (in my mini-vanish looking SUV with the carseat base in the back). He kind of stood far back and kinda shouted "You are driving way too fast, and you don't have taillights on." I could barely see his face because of the flashlight and he was standing 3 feet away from my car. I shouted back "I'm sorry. Really? No lights?"

He then came closer and looked in, but still kept his distance. I looked down and flicked my lights on -- lights that for the last year i thought automatically came on. NOPE.

"My bad! I thought these were just if i wanted interior lights!" I'm not kidding! I've always thought the lights came on by themselves and if i wanted to light the dash, i had to turn the knob. Yes ladies and gents, i'm college educated!

He gave me that i-can't-believe-you-have-a-license look and told me to slow down and keep my lights on when it's dark. And then he hopped in his car.

I think this goes down in history as the best experience a black person has ever had with a member of law enforcement!

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