Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extreme Hoarders

I recently tuned into Extreme Couponing on TLC. I won't be tuning in again. Don't get me wrong. I love me some coupons -- ask anyone who has ever stood behind me in a grocery line (coupons + my cloth grocery bags = pain in the butt for folks behind me), but what i don't like are folks who pretend to be "extreme couponers" but in actuality they are hoarders:

I mean, SERIOUSLY?! The only difference between these folks and the folks on Hoarders is instead of hoarding dusty clowns and lamp shades, they are hoarding salad dressing, body wash and toilet paper. These folks are CRAZY! Are you really saving if you have to buy 50 jars of mustard? Are you really saving if you have a basement filled with 900 bottles of maxi pads -- and you are a man? Are you really saving if it takes you 30 hours, 8 stores and 15 newspapers to go to the grocery store? I think not.

And honestly i think it's rude to clear the shelves of all the ketchup just so you can be a freaky hoarder and save $5.00, but i can't even buy the ONE bottle i need (and will use in this lifetime)! We look at the houses on hoarders with disgust. Well you know what, at least these folks are trying to get some help and most of them realize they have a problem. But nope, not crazy mustard lady on Extreme Coupon who had about 500 jars of mustard and her husband said "i don't even like mustard." THAT lady needs help.

It would be different if these folks bought all this stuff and then didn't go shopping for a few months (or years), but no, these fools are back in the store the next week.
They should change the name from Extreme Couponing to "Grocery Hoarders."

I'm just sayin'!


Save Me said...

I just started couponing a couple of months back because of the rising price of gas and everything that will be going up with it.

I have watched the Extreme Couponing show a couple of times and it really got under my skin to see the lady in high heeled boots dancing in the check out lane as if she had won the lottery.

I hope there aren't more hoarders out there that decide this is going to be their 'new fix' ~ it will make retailers change their policies and harder for all of us to get a deal.

Kari K said...

Exactly!! Sorry, i have better things to do with my time than go to 6 different stores so I can get a free toothpaste. And I don't have room for all that stuff!

Carrie said...

I just saw that show for the first time Sunday! YES! I get why they do it, but I don't get why they GO BACK. If you already have 40 boxes of cereal, just EAT THEM. You don't need to buy 40 MORE boxes! People are so insane.

Shay said...

I agree this promotes hoarding. There comes a point when the thrill is more important than actually saving. I wonder about these women who run around to 4 different CVS stores so they can have 12 boxes of cereal or whatever.

That being said if the world comes to an end this guy will be all set.

Kerena said...

I had the exact thoughts on this show. Insane, that's what these people are. I'll probably watch it again. But that's just because I enjoy a good train wreck.

Danielle said...

OMG I'm glad it wasn't just me thinking this whenever I watched!!! And HOW HOW HOW is all that going to get eaten/used before it expires?! I have a big ol pantry and I just cleaned it out and there was so much wasted. So yeah, you got 30 boxes of cereal for next to nothing... but it's going to expire before you eat it! Insanity.

Lil' Woman said...

I will still be watching it but I think the same thing. I like saving money and getting good deals but really nobody needs that much freakin mustard.