Monday, January 3, 2011

Crack (Cream) is Whack

I don't know what all goes into starting a business or selling a product, but i'm willing to bet that before you put your product on the market you probably meet with a host of knowledgeable folks to make sure everything is in order. I'm also willing to bet that among that host of folks is probably someone whose sole purpose is to approve the product name. You know, make sure it's not taken...or make sure it's not DUMB. (heck, this person could be your mama, the mailman anyone).

But apparently this dude decided to skip that person:

Yes, this dude named his product CRACK CREAM!!!

Seriously? Seriously? He couldn't think of anything better than Crack Cream. I'm so entertained/appalled by the name that i can't even listen to the commercial so i don't even know what the purpose of Crack Cream is (but i have some ideas!)

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