Thursday, January 6, 2011

False Advertising

I know you can't believe everything you see on TV and commercials are not real, but come on, advertisers could at least TRY to be realistic.
I saw a Tidy Cats commercial with a black guy snuggling his cat. What's wrong with this you ask? Ummm, when's the last time you ever saw a black family with a pet cat?! (now, i'm sure there are some out there, just like there are some black republicans, but they are a rarity -- a weird rarity!)
I've known a lot of black folks in my life, heck, almost everyone in my family is black -- my baby's half black -- so i'm know a thing or two about black folks and i know that we don't (usually) do cats. And big black bald men especially don't do cats! Come on Tidy Cats, get with the program!

Blogger's Note: i even googled "black people with cats" to find a photo for this thread and all i got were pics of black cats. Even Google knows black folks don't have cats as pets.


Harriet B said...

I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!!! Just like those commercials where beautiful black women appear in swimming beautifully coifed!

ReRe said...

so true! harriet! i'm like yeah right -- that's even not your hair!

Kari B said...

Maybe he's gay? Do big, bald, gay black men like cats, maybe? It's just a thought.

I'm enjoying your blog and worldly wisdoms!

ReRe said...

haha kari! maybe he is gay, or maybe just the big black bald men in my fam are anti-cats and i'm generalizing!

Sarah said...


Kerena said...

I haven't seen the commercial, I had the same thought as Kari. Gay. Definitely gay.

John said...

I never really gave it much thought, but come to think of it--you're right! So why is it that black people don't have cats?! I tried to give a kitten to one of my black friends, and she said "I don't want nothing I gotta feed or take care of!" However a few months later she got a dog!

ReRe said...

i have no idea why no cats! personally i think cats are snooty, and they make me sneeze!

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Anonymous said...

There's always an exception to the rule. I'm vary black and very bald. Growing up I had 2 cats. A Tabby and a long haired Persian. Would have cats now but discovered that I'm allergic.

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