Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What if...

What if the media just ignored the jerks at Westboro Church? What if the media stopped covering all the funeral protests they did? The Westboro folks remind me of a 3 year-old having a tantrum in the corner. They are acting like fools hoping to get attention, and of course when you feed in to their tantrum, they just continue to act like a hot mess. The media should follow some Super Nanny advice and put Westboro in timeout and go on with its business. Westboro will gest sick of screaming in the corner and being ignored and will eventually be quiet, apologize and go on with their day.

But this will never happen as long as we keep plastering their protests all over the news.

From one journalist to another, PLEASE stop giving these jerk wads attention (this is the first, and final time i will give them any).


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...


Chris S. said...

Good idea. The newspaper where I work gets faxed lots of stuff by Westboro. I hate that my employer ends up having to pay to receive those faxes.