Friday, January 14, 2011

Potluck Friday

Happy Friday!!!

  1. Ok, this might sound silly for me to be so worked up over this, but I am. I'm ticked that supposedly i'm no longer a Virgo. I take being a Virgo very seriously. in my house i even have a Virgo plaque haning up that says: Your neat as pin, honrable and's amazing how you get through each day. This is me to the bone!!! It was my mama too (we shared the same birthday). So it ticks me off that i've not only lost Pluto as a planet, but now i'm not a Virgo anymore (but apparently River is now???). That's redonkulous. I don't care what anyone says, i'm a Virgo. I'm no Leo.

  2. So James thought he'd lost River last night. After taking two bendadryl, James came running from the kitchen into the living room, frantic because he couldn't find River. He checked the nursery and our bedroom. He had panick in his eyes and felt my heart drop. Had he taken River outside when he took out the trash? Was my kid sitting on the corner and a bag of funky trash in his room? And then i remembered where i last saw River: in the kitchen WITH his daddy! So James dashed back into the kitchen -- where he'd been doing the dishes -- and there was River, sitting quietly in his vibrating chair next to the dishwasher! Note to self: don't let daddy care for baby when daddy is on 2 benadryls.


Sarah said...

I think the astrological sign changes only apply to ppl born after like 2009 or something.

ReRe said...

luckily i found out that they don't change at allf or folks in the western hemisphere! so i'm still a perfect virgo!