Monday, January 31, 2011

What makes a Big League City?

You know what makes a city a Big League City? No, it's not an NBA team, it's not a river renamed after your state, it's not even tons of international travel.

It's a Grandy's. And you know whose a Big League City? Bethany, Oklahoma. I recently took a trip to Bethany and delighted myself in some Grandy's for lunch. Nothing better than greasy fried chicken, okra, mashed potatoes and a soft roll with butter and honey. Oh wait, i know what's better than that...a sweet little lady bringing me more rolls! And that's just what i got!

Oh how i miss Grandy's. Norman USED to have one, right next to Norman High School. I ate there almost Children's chicken nugget place with fries for $2.99 baby! Sadly it closed, i blame it on two things 1) Hard to make money when you are swarmed at lunch time with teens who either only order the $2.99 kids plate or nothing at all and 2) Hard to make money when that swarm of teens scares away your target audience: 90 year-olds.

What is it with Grandy's and old folks?! Every car in the Grandy's parking lot the other day was a Cadillac -- except mine of course. And i was the youngest by at least 50 years! (i almost got run over in the parking lot by a lady wearing cataract shades!)

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Anonymous said...

I love that Grandy's. It is one of my favorites. The other one is on Lincoln and 36th street in OKC. There are not alot of old people at that one. Oh, wait a minute. I was gonna say people around my age but I guess I am old.