Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What would you do?

I admit that i often watch that show "What Would You Do?" on ABC. James can't stand the show, yet somehow every Friday night we find ourselves watching it and laughing at it's absurdity.

If you've never seen it, the premise is simple to explain: They put hidden cameras in a place and set up situations to see how every day joes and janes react. Some situations are awkward, like a stranger asking a person walking by to hold their dog while they run into a store, and some of the situations are dangerous/uncomfortable like two actors will act like a domestic violence couple and see if any one intervenes.

And then some of the situations are just right down ridiculous and would probably never happen, yet John Quinones is obsessed with trying to convince us that they will happen. One of my favorite crazy situations was: a woman getting wasted in a bar, while she breastfeeds her baby.
Seriously?! This is very unlikely to happen. No, i'm not saying it will NEVER happen, but it's just really unlikely. Heck, most breastfeeding ladies have a hard enough time working up the courage to breastfeed in a corner in at the Starbucks inside their local Target (i would know!), let alone whipping it out at a bar WHILE they throw back some Jack and Coke. And honestly, most folks who breastfeed follow the Breast is Best philosophy, not the Brest and Rum and Coke is Best.
Seriously ABC!

I also enjoyed the scenario where two pre-teen girls were picking on an elderly man on the sidewalk. They snatched off his hat and made fun of him for using a cane and walking slow. Once again, not saying that this would never happen, and sadly there are sickos that pick on the elderly. But i highly doubt that Abigail Breslin and Willow Smith are spending their time making fun of Betty White.

Another fail John Quinones. Another Fail.

Since "What Would You Do?" seems to be on such a "roll," i'm thinking about sending in some ideas for the show:

  • An interracial couple goes to a Klan meeting at in the Tennessee boondocks and starts making out during the head dragon's speech. The other Klan members start spewing racial slurs at the couple? What Would You Do? Would you intervene? Or continue listening to the speech?
  • You see a surgeon put a bologna samich into a patient instead of an artificial heart.
  • Your IHOP waitress pours syrup over the heads of the patrons at the next table.


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