Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Addiction with Friends

Hi, my name is ReRe and i'm addicted to Words with Friends!

Ok, there, i said it. Yes folks, i'm officially addicted. Thank you to the genius who FINALLY brought this game to Droid users. I've spent way too much time envying my iPhone friends as they sit for hours playing this game with one another. I always found it unfair that me, someone who LOVES words and who can actually spell (nothing more annoying than seeing someone you know can't put two sentences together try to play scrabble) couldn't participate.

But those days are over! Friday i downloaded the game and i've been glued to my phone ever since!

I've learned a lot the last few days:

1) Just because you love grammar, reading and have a bachelor's in journalism does not mean you are going to rock out at this game. You have to put the writer side aside to really excel.

2) Qi is word?!

3) The game won't let you play some words that are actually words :(

4) If you wake up at 3:30 a.m. to feed your 4 month old there is always someone up at the same time who will play Words with Friends with you!

5) James is a sore loser
So if you wanna play me, my name is ReReL
bring it on!


theINTELLECT said...

I love #WWF and I will be adding you!!! Also if you get tired of Words with Friends you should try Word Feud. Its the same thing but they mixed it up and shuffled the board around so its more strategic when trying to go for those high scoring kill words.

Crystal Clear As Mud said...

I think most of the words it won't let you play are proper nouns and the such...which stinks!