Friday, February 18, 2011

Potluck Friday


  1. Apparently Hollywood is tapped out of ideas for movies, because i've seen remakes that honestly, don't need to be done. I knew something was up when i saw the preview for The Roommate. My first reaction was "Ummm, isn't that Single White Female?!" But i gave Hollywood a pass. But i can't give them a pass on the two previews i saw last night: Red Riding Hood and Beastly. Ummm, taking "Little" out of the title is not going to make folks think this is NOT Little Red Riding Hood. And i don't have enough time to explain why i think Beastly is just WRONG. All i will say is the chick from Terminator already did a remake. Once CBS does it, there's no need for more.
  2. I will admit that last night when Justin Beiber was shot and killed i wept a little. What? You didn't hear. Yeah, the Bieb's character on CSI was killed last night. Tear. I love the Biebs. I'm a Belieber!
  3. Is it sad that the other day when River had what i can only describe as something that should be illegal in his diaper, i laid him down on the bathroom floor (yes, it was that messy that he needed to be on tile) and ran for my camera instead of cleaning supplies, so i could send pics to James?! It's like River only does blowouts for me (blow-out: a bowel-filled diaper that has an amount that is higher than that which the diaper can hold, resulting in a mess that often requires clothes, sheets and other items to be washed). Some how James always misses these. So i thought it was only fair that he get some pics!
  4. What's ReRe jamming this week? It's Chris Brown's "Yeah 3x." I can't help but to shake it when i hear this song.


Lil' Woman said...

I like that song too...I wish I could pop like that....

Bee said...

That picture was wrong wrong ReRe.