Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Great Wall of China (aka getting "fixed) Debate

It's funny how the second you bust out a kid, everyone wants to know one thing: When are you guys having another one?

Well, honestly River is still under warranty so were seeing if he is a keeper or not before we make any decisions. Haha! Just kidding! If I knew for a fact that all babies were as easy as River, i'd have a dozen. But I know this is not the case, so therefore James and i will not be having a dozen mixie babies.

But we will have at least one more. I'm cool with two, but James (who is #9 of 11 kids) would like at least 3. So that brings us to the conversation we had recently:

James: So when we have kid # 3 are you going to get your tubes tied?
ReRe (shocked, because pretty sure we've discussed this before): Ummm, who says were having 3? AND I'm NOT the one getting fixed? It's YOU!
James: Me?
ReRe: Yea, it's your soldiers who are gonna be blocked by the great wall of China. It's an easier process for you. Snippity snip, in and out. Why should i have the kids PLUS have to have another huge process? No thank you! It's all you buddy!
James: But what if my younger second wife wants to have kids?!

I then proceeded to punch him in the jejunum!
For your viewing pleasuring: River! (I call this photo "Half White/Half Black Power")


Dr. Monkey said...

River is giving his 'Baby power!' salute.

Dr. Monkey said...
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Valerie Scherbart Quist said...

Younger second wife? Sounds like someone is cruisin' for a bruisin'!

Jessica said...

One of my best friend's husband recently got "fixed" and, no lie, his parents sat them both down before the procedure and said they really did not want him to do that because what if they don't stay married and he wants to have other kids with someone else one day.

Awesome in-laws...

ReRe said...

are you kidding me?!!! omg! i'd be ticked off! it's one thing for them to think it -- another to say it out loud!

Bee said...

River should teach that salute to Halle Berry :)

Lil' Woman said...

Oh James, sometimes you just don't know when to stop my friend. :) lol

Danielle said...

That pic of River is totally his attempt at a fist pump thanks to James proping him in front of some MTV ;)